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Literacy Milestone: Writing "Mom"

LiteracyMilestoneAMy daughter had another little literacy milestone last week that I wanted to share. We had been drawing pictures (with her supervising, and telling me how to draw a pig). I left the room for a minute, but I could hear her, and she said:

"I'm going to write Mom on your picture."

And sure enough, when I came back, there was my picture, labeled "MOM" in pencil. 

She's been writing her own name for a while now, with reasonable legibility, and, well, her name does have an M in it. So writing Mom wasn't a huge stretch. But still, she:

  • Knew that it would make sense to write the name of the person who had drawn the picture.
  • Knew how to spell Mom.
  • And wrote the letters, legibly and without help, on her own initiative. 

She'll be reading the Junie B. Jones and Ramona books before I know it! 

Actually, she is pretend-reading Robert Parker's Widow's Walk even as I speak. She just came in and asked for a bookmark. It's a bit violent for a 3 1/2 year old, but fortunately, she can't actually read. At least as far as I know. 

[I hope these posts don't come across as bragging. Each child follows his or her own path to literacy, and I know that these paths can meander and diverge. It's just that for me, having spent so many years thinking about how to grow bookworms in the abstract, I find observing the actual process fascinating. And sharing is what we bloggers do.]

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