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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: February 28

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. There are a few extras, because I missed last week (computer woes). There is a ton of great stuff in the growing bookworms section, in particular. 

Me, elsewhere

I'm quoted in this Denver Post article by William Porter about Dr. Seuss  (text below)

""I think that the key to Dr. Seuss' enduring appeal lies in the spirit of playfulness that permeates his work," said Jen Robinson, a children's literature expert who oversees the website Jen Robinson's Book Page. "He encourages children and adults to look at the world in different ways, whether this means upside-down, from the top of a tree or from inside a tiny speck. "One can't look at the 'Whos down in Whoville' without smiling over their joie de vivre, for example," she said."

Book Lists

A fine list from @Book_Nut | 20 Middle Grade/YA/Teen Books Adults Should Be Reading  #kidlit #yalit

12 Books for Teens Adults May Enjoy — Suggestions Welcome! » @storysnoops  #yalit

On the Trail of....Middle Grade Mysteries!, roundup of coming titles by @KKittscher  #kidlit

Nonfiction Books for Kids on Architecture and Building, booklist from @growingbbb  #kidlit

At Stacked, @catagator is collecting YA Adaptations of Adult Novels  #yalit

Book list: Scandinavian Folktales for Kids from @momandkiddo  #kidlit

RT @tashrow: 5 obscure children's books the whole family should enjoy  #kidlit


Very fun! 30 Bits of Wisdom and Advice from Mostly #Cybils Sources from @semicolonblog  #kidlit

Diversity and Gender

Ms. Yingling Reads: Boys Read Pink Wrap Up with Alexander Vance @MsYingling  #kidlit

20 More Authors Who Promote Diversity in School Visits | @CBCBook  #kidlit

Boys Will Be Boys, and Girls Will Be Accomodating — Open Ticket  via @CynLeitichSmith

Beth Revis shares paragraphs from various authors on: Why is Diversity Important?  @BethRevis via @tashrow


CBW_Poster-smallPress Release Fun: 2014 Children’s Book Week Poster Revealed! — @fuseeight @CBCBook  (isn't it beautiful?)

Comprehensive list of reading / #literacy events coming up in March from @BooksBabiesBows  @ReadAloud_org

Growing Bookworms

Reading to babies is crucial for language and #literacy development | @TheTiser via @librareanne 

Nurturing #Literacy: Tips and Resources For Developing Lifelong Readers | @Edutopia via @librareanne 

Nice! 11 Reading Hacks for Parents | from @HarperChildrens via @librareanne  #GrowingBookworms

6 ideas for creating reading buddies for your child, from @growingbbb  #literacy

The Board Book Conundrum, when the books your child loves are not in a a sturdy enough format by @NoVALibraryMom 

Taking a Picture Walk (when you stroll through a book before you read it) by @ReadingWithBean  #literacy

Making oral & repeated reading fun, while increasing fluency from @TrevorHCairney  #literacy

Great series on Using ebooks and digital media with young children by @MaryAnnScheuer | Here's Part 6 

On Reading, Writing, and Publishing

I could relate to this @buzzfeed piece on loving and losing favorite children's books  via @PWKidsBookshelf

Do We Really Need Negative Book Reviews? asks @nytimes  via @catagator

Is Writing Unfavorable Reviews a Necessary Evil? {On Reading} — @jenndon @5M4B 

Interview of @danielle_binks from Alpha Reader by @snarkywench about the state of blogging (commercialism, burnout) 

What’s New About New Adult? @lizb @sophiebiblio and @catagator in @HornBook  #yalit

Why I Love Middle Grade Romance, by @rj_anderson for So You Want To Read Middle Grade series @greenbeanblog 

I Bookshame Myself, admits @gail_gauthier at Original Content 

On Not feeling Guilty about reading #YAlit by Michael M. Guevara | @NerdyBookClub 

Programs and Research

Fun! ASU Students Aim To Turn Used Food Trucks Into Mobile School Libraries @LibraryJournal 

The 13-Year-Old Who Is Championing World #Literacy, a Million Books at a Time | The Good News - Shine  via @cmirabile

Schools and Libraries

On the joys of Skyping with authors in the classroom by @patrickontwit @NerdyBookClub 

Nice post by @katsok on the long-term influence a good teacher can have 

On making classroom read-aloud time feel like sitting Around the Campfire by @donalynbooks @NerdyBookClub 

A good question RT @smaystein: Without libraries, how will schools create avid readers? 

The #CommonCore Curriculum Now Has Critics on the Left @NYTimes via @PWKidsBookshelf 

Social Media

Some solid advice on how to avoid becoming a tweeting leper from @snarkywench 

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