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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: May 9

Roundup of Diversity-Themed Links I Shared this Week

DiverseBooksCampaignNormally on Friday I do a post that rounds up article/blog post links that I shared on Twitter over the previous week. But as I was working on my roundup for this week, I discovered that, what with the whole #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign and all, I had shared a LOT of links related to diversity. So I decided to pull those into a separate post. There's a lot here to absorb. I hope you all find things of interest. Also, please note that MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge this year (the 9th annual) will focus on the reading of diverse books. 

Links on Diversity + Gender

18 Adorable Reasons #WeNeedDiverseBooks | selected @leeandlow shared @buzzfeed http://ow.ly/wq7Ix via @compelledtoread

A Rambling Rant on Race and Writing | @lisayee1 at Red Room |"Do not presume -- but do dare to imagine." http://ow.ly/wvKNK #diversity

Let the Handsell-Off Begin: Booksellers Take The #GreatGreeneChallenge http://ow.ly/wDQXc @PublishersWkly #kidlit #WeNeedDiverseBooks

A success! ReedPOP Adds diversity BookCon Panel in response to #DiverseNeedDiverseBooks campaign http://ow.ly/wDQtA @PublishersWkly

Good stuff on encouraging girls in math | @Girlstart, STEM, and a Surprise from @varianjohnson http://ow.ly/wDvla #GreatGreenChallenge

Because books are mirrors, some of @RIFWEB favorite images from the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign http://ow.ly/wBgLj

Our kids’ grey matter is neither pink nor blue – when will book publishers realise this? @katyguest36912 @Independent http://ow.ly/wyJZb

YA #LGBTQ Novels Where the Focus Isn't Coming Out - list from @NinaTyndall at Small Avalanches http://ow.ly/wt60B #diversity

Writing as Feminist, Mariko Tamaki @NerdyBookClub I try not to write about chars that are white + straight by default http://ow.ly/wt4tX

squeetus: Thoughts on whether white writers can write non-white characters from @haleshannon (who has) http://ow.ly/wvJ0H

Paying Attention to #Diversity | Recent link roundup @medinger http://ow.ly/wt4no #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Great resource @cybils blog: Diverse Book Recommendations from Cybils titles for #WeNeedDiverseBooks http://ow.ly/wt4Eg

LGBTQ & You: How to Support Your Students as a librarian | @sljournal http://ow.ly/woc5p

Program #Diversity: Do Libraries Serve Kids with Disabilities? | @sljournal http://ow.ly/woc0D

5 Cultures #Kidlit Readers Can Explore for #WeNeedDiverseBooks @jendonn @5M4B http://ow.ly/wqst0

#WeNeedDiverseBooks …and What We Can Do About It, an action plan from Becky Levine http://ow.ly/wqrZl

My most favorite sci fi and fantasy books with diversities of various sorts from @charlotteslib http://ow.ly/wqqOw #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Presenting Lenore creates a #WeNeedDiverseBooks categorized Review Archive http://ow.ly/wqqGM @lenoreva

#WeNeedDiverseBooks diversity campaign goes viral, thoughts + images from @Devas_T at The Brown Bookshelf http://ow.ly/wqqp8

Putting your money where your mouth is at Biblio File: Diverse Book Reading List http://ow.ly/wqpA4 #WeNeedDiverseBooks

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