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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 12

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. There is a TON of great stuff this week, so I have moved Cybils and KidLitCon links to a separate post. In this post we have tweets on book lists, common core, diversity, growing bookworms, reading, writing, publishing, schools, libraries, summer reading, parenting, literacy programs, and research.

Book Lists

Scenes from the Multiverse ( #kidlit set in 3 or more worlds), #BookList from Views From the Tesseract

At Stacked: Reality Television Redux (additions to prior list of #yalit featuring reality TV)

18 Perfect Read Alouds for First Grade, a diverse, multicultural list from @pragmaticmom #kidlit

Making Handmade Journals + List of Books about Writing for Kids from @momandkiddo l #kidlit

Bibliophile’s Delight: Books that Celebrate Creative Writing, Book Lovers, + Libraries | Joy Fleishhacker @sljournal

Stacked: The Big Male YA Narrator Round-up @catagator #yalit

Real-life Heroes, Unspeakable Tragedies—and Kittens | Hi-Interest Nonfiction for Kids + Teens | @pwbalto @sljournal

Abhorsen read-alikes recommended by @HornBook #yalit #GarthNix

Celebrating Grandparents - 7 Multicultural Picks from @SproutsBkshelf #kidlit #booklist

24 Best Baby Books of All Time, @ParentsMagazine list, w/ contributions from @FuseEight + others #kidlit

12+ Books for Kids Not Ready for Harry Potter from @momandkiddo #kidlit

Common Core

Cut to the Core: Low Support for #CommonCore After First Year, reports @PublishersWkly

William J. Bennett makes The Conservative Case for #CommonCore @WSJ | Misleading rumors harm effort started in states


Must read | Forgive Me My Bluntness: I’m a Writer of Color and I’m Right Here In Front of You @ReneSaldanaJr

Growing Bookworms

SLJ Reviews LEGO StoryStarter: Using the classic brick, plus software, to foster narrative skills @ShiftTheDigital

Why kids should choose their own books to read in school | @ValerieStrauss in Washington Post via @PWKidsBookshelf

Story Time Secrets: 20 #Literacy Activities for Little Leaguers from @mrskatiefitz #kidlit

On how reading aloud can help you "catch" young readers, w/ rewards for all by Natalie Rogers @NerdyBookClub

On Reading, Writing, and Publishing

A strong defense of reading fiction for pleasure (by kids + adults), not b/c it is "useful" @LizB

Why To Read: 10 Reasons Why Reading Books Will Save Your Life via @librareanne (opposite to @LizB 's earlier post)

Nice list of high-level benefits for kids (+adults) from reading more books, reported by @tashrow

Almost All the Books People Said (in Facebook meme) Influenced Them Were Written for Children | @MotherJones

The Hachette/Amazon War: One Writer’s Perspective shared anonymously @fuseeight #eBooks

Invented Dialogue and the Conundrum of the Picture Book Biography — @fuseeight #nonfiction #kidlit

Lovely! Go Forth and Re-Read Your Favorite Books From Childhood: A Dare from Syreeta Barlow @bookriot

How dark is too dark in children's books? | Rebecca Westcott starts discussion in @GuardianBooks

News for writers, @catagator is Opening Up a New Shop: Critique Services #yalit

Great stuff! Why Older Kids & Adults Need Picture Books & Graphic Novels, by @TrevorHCairney

Beinecke Library at Yale Acquires the Papers of @The_Pigeon Mo Author/Illustrator Willems #kidlit @PWKidsBookshelf


I believe in this | Developing a growth/learning mindset: Why I'll Never Tell My Son He's Smart | @KhanAcademy

Encouraging Our Kids to Tinker | Planet Smarty Pants #parenting #engineering

Playing with Children: Should You, and If So, How? | Peter Gray in Psychology Today #parenting #play

Pretty cool. Parental attentiveness to infant babbling 'speeds up language development' - via @PWKidsBookshelf

Events, Programs and Research

Usher to Host @Scholastic Event That Promotes Reading @GalleyCat via @PWKidsBookshelf #literacy

Literacy-incarcerated-teens-logo2Profile of the #Literacy for Incarcerated Teens program by Sandy Chung in @sljournal

Neat post about how @medinger is donating YA ARCs to Books for Incarcerated Teens #yalit

For Wendy Moore's birthday, her friends set up a virtual book drive. She gave books to 420 kids via @FirstBook

Bess_the_book_bus_logoWhat books meant to her during childhood and why she supports BESS THE BOOK BUS by @DGephartWrites @NerdyBookClub

A fun and worthy cause! Bess the Book Bus Online Book Drive, Featuring @DGephartWrites | Books & Books #literacy

Open a World of Possible -- A Wonderful Gift from @Scholastic says @frankisibberson (who contributed to this eBook)

Schools and Libraries

New @PewResearch Report Explores Young Americans' #Library Habits, @PublishersWkly has details

Young Americans and Public #Libraries – Highlights from A @PewResearch Study shared by @tashrow

Millennials Are Actually MORE Likely To Read Books, Study Says | @HuffingtonPost via @somers_library

Interesting. English words that represent numbers are confusing, lead to weaker math skills (vs., say, China) @WSJ

Elementary School Homework and Reading in Math and Science: read, play, + puzzle says @missrumphius

"Our children must spend more time reading than they spend completing reading-related activities" @donalynbooks

Sigh. What kind of person takes all the children's books out of a Little Free Library? @MLive via @PWKidsBookshelf

Summer Reading

SummerReading-LOGOKids Set a New World Record – Reading 304,749,681 Minutes in the @Scholastic #SummerReading Challenge

Literate Lives: Reflections from @karenterlecky on #SummerReading (and the joy of choosing what to read)

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