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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 31

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Please note that I expanded upon most of the Growing Bookworms tweets that I shared this week in a separate post, and so have not re-shared them here. But I do have links related to book lists, the Cybils awards, diversity, gender, events, kidlitcon, the kidlitosphere, schools, and reading. 

Books and Book Lists

10 Picture Books to Scare Up Your Halloween Spirit selected by @rosemondcates #kidlit

Ten #kidlit titles from @TesseractViews in which a witch is a character with impact on the story 

This review @SunlitPages made me certain that we'll need a copy of Blizzard by John Rocco when it comes out 

Board Book Roundup: Fall 2014 Edition from Kitty Flynn @HornBook  #kidlit

‘Tis the Season: Holiday Stories for Young Readers (many w/ #diversity in culture) │ JLG | @sljournal 

Beyond the 'Problem Novel': Anti-Bullying Books 2014, by Alexis Burling in @PublishersWkly 

26 Perfect Read Alouds for Kindergarten selected by @PragmaticMom  #BookList #kidlit

Top Ten Children’s and Young Adult Books About Trees, Woods, or Forests by @muellerholly @NerdyBookClub 

Gallery: The New York Times 10 Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2014 — @100scopenotes  #kidlit 

45 YA Titles for your October - December Radar from @catagator @bookriot  #YALit

The 2014 Kirkus Prize(s) have been announced, reports @bkshelvesofdoom 

Inspiring the Next Architects: Children’s Books About Design, Building, and Architecture @LEEandLOW @cynleitichsmith 

This is neat. An Infographic w/ timeline of YA historical fiction (starting in BC) by Epic Reads @bkshelvesofdoom

Top Ten YA Books that Tackle Love and Abuse by @mathangisub @NerdyBookClub #YALit


Today's featured #Cybils Review: Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton, reviewed by @100scopenotes 

Today's #Cybils Review #1 | How I Became a Pirate book app, reviewed by @cppotter 

Today's #Cybils review #2: El Deafo by Cece Bell, reviewed by Alysa @Everead  #GraphicNovel

Today's #Cybils Review: Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth, reviewed by Mark at Buxton's Blog O' Books 

Diversity + Gender

WNDBLogoSqaureThe scoop on the IndieGoGo campaign for #WeNeedDiverseBooks from @bkshelvesofdoom 

Blended and Bold: @dos_twinjas Top Ten List of Bi-Racial/Multi-Racial Main Characters in Spec Fic #BSFM 

Never Too Young To Be a Hero: @dos_twinjas Top Ten List of YA Black main characters in Speculative Ficition #BSFM 

Middle Graders Are Awesome Too!: @dos_twinjas Top 10 List of MG Books w/ AA Main Characters #BSFM 

Characters From The Motherland: @dos_twinjas Top Ten List of African Main Characters in Spec Fic #BSFM

Disability in recent Middle Grade and YA Speculative Fiction: a (short) list from @charlotteslib  #diversity

Have you seen the @realjohngreen video on why #WeNeedDiverseBooks ? 

#WeNeedDiverseBooks Indiegogo Campaign Aims to Raise $100K | @sljournal 

Has #WeNeedDiverseBooks changed you? @haleshannon asks writers, agents, librarians, bloggers, etc. 

14 Children's Books with Multiracial Families selected by @momandkiddo  #DiverseBooks #BookList

Guys Lit Wire: On the fine art (& frustration) of crafting a #diverse book list for teenagers from @chasingray 

Trinity syndrome and failed parody in The Lego Movie, on wasting potentially strong female characts @haleshannon 

Helping Readers Find Strong Girls on the Road to Katniss by Kate Hannigan @NerdyBookClub 

Events + Programs 

Guys Lit Wire: Sale books still left on the Ballou Sr HS library book fair wish list. Good books + cause  @chasingray

Press Release Fun from @FuseEight | Nominate a Literary Landmark 

Growing Bookworms

El Deafo, by Cece Bell, or why assuming that an 11-year-old boy wants only certain books is pointless @charlotteslib 

7 Ways to Get Your Kid to Read, guest post by F.T. Bradley @PragmaticMom 

7 Tips for Reading Aloud to Kids | @PreKPages #literacy


Nice surprise to find myself on this list: Where to Find a Good Children's Book from @SunlitPages  #kidlit

Oh yes, I can relate to these thoughts from Tanita Davis on accepting one's (introverted) limitations 

KidlitCon2014_cubeA Roundup of #KidLitCon 2014 posts from Finding Wonderland (Tanita Davis + @aquafortis) 

#KidLitCon 2014: A Retrospective, Part II from Tanita Davis - Reflections on Floating Heads + #diverse book covers 

Lots of interesting tidbits in Fusenews: Bemoaning, Lamenting, and Generally Carrying On — @fuseeight 

On Reading, Writing, and Publishing

Quick summary here in the Morning roundup @bkshelvesofdoom on Five recent YA thinkpieces 

11 Reasons Why Young Adult Fiction Is Even Better When You Read It As An Adult | Emma Lord @Bustle  @PWKidsBookshelf

Kids Should Feel Free to Read Kids' Books, Because That's What Kids Do | Emma Cueto in @Bustle  @PWKidsBookshelf

Young Adult Fiction Doesn't Need to Be a 'Gateway' to the Classics by Noah Berlatsky in @TheAtlantic  @PWKidsBookshelf

Rebecca Mead’s Takedown of Percy Jackson Is Wrong by Sarah Seltzer @Flavorwire  via @PWKidsBookshelf

Yes! "I truly believe that the most important thing we can give (kids) ... is a love of reading." from Becky Levine 

Yes we do, in fact, need negative book reviews says @tlt16  via @tashrow

Does YA Mean Anything Anymore?: Genre in a Digitized World - The Zena Sutherland Lecture by @realjohngreen @HornBook 

Schools and Libraries

The K.C. and S.F. public libraries are fighting on Twitter, and it's delightful | @Cut4 via @tashrow 

Why Are So Many Adults Threatened by Students Choosing Books? asks @thereadingzone 

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