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Literacy Milestone: Getting Her First Library Card

LiteracyMilestoneAI wrote last week about my daughter reading (well, sounding out) her first book. By way of celebration, we went to the library the next day, to get her first library card. She was literally jumping up and down with excitement. Naturally, we had to check out books - a lot of books.

Apparently, she could have had her own library card when she was two (thank you, San Jose Public Library). But I'm glad that we waited until she was old enough to see it as a milestone herself, and to be excited about it. 


When she spoke to Grandma on the phone later that day she said:

"Grandma, I have good news! I got my own library card today."

Grandma was suitably impressed. As was the cashier at the restaurant where we picked up pizza the next day. And pretty much everyone else we've run across lately. 

Getting one's first library card is a big deal. I can remember mine, actually, and I have a terrible memory. I hope that my daughter will remember getting hers. Certainly, her new bright green library card is going to get plenty of use. 

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