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Literacy Milestone: Spelling Rhyming Words

LiteracyMilestoneAI have a Scholastic calendar on my desk that urges in big letters: "DIVE into a good BOOK". This page (featuring the characters from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books) is actually from August, but never mind that. My daughter likes to look at it, and knows what it says. The other day she commented "B-O-O-K spells book." I agreed that this was true. 

But then she surprised me. She started guessing how you would spell other words that rhyme with book, like "look", "nook", and "cook" (though she needed help with c vs. k on that one). Over dinner, we even expanded to figuring out "shook" (significantly more difficult). 

All of which makes me think that her days of really being able to read are getting closer and closer. So exciting!

She's also very interested in writing things down these days. I'm constantly finding little notes all over the house that say things like: "Can we wrap presents in laundry room?" and (in a task list format) "Put up decorations." She can't spell very many of these words without help, but she has most of the letters down, and she appears to have an endless appetite for writing. Last night she wrote down, with only the tiniest bit of help from me: "Cat sat on hat." 

All I can say is that we are having a great time!

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