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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: January 7

Literacy Milestone: Letters, Letters Everywhere

LiteracyMilestoneALately I've noticed that my daughter, now 4 and 3/4, is obsessed with letters. She notices them everywhere. She's still not quite reading, but she is very aware of letters. After I shared a recent anecdote on Facebook, a friend, the mother of four children, said that I should treasure this phase, this excitement with learning about words and letters. So I thought that I would share a few recent examples with you all here (and thus save them for myself, too):

  • I was wearing a zip-front sweatshirt, zipped half-way up. She pointed and said: "Mommy, your shirt makes a Y." 
  • She remarked, out of nowhere: "Mommy, D-O-G spells dog. Did you know?" As a matter of fact I did know, but I appreciated the refresher.
  • She came running into the kitchen with two long, narrow balloons twisted together. "Look, Mommy, it's a T." Then she proposed that I pretend to drink it, like it was "tea the drink." 
  • We were watching a movie, and she was very quick to spell out "U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L." The logo left the screen too quickly for her to sound out the word, but she got all of the letters right. 
  • Lately, when she wants to say "yes", or (more commonly) "no", she traces the shape of the letters in the air, instead of saying them aloud. One has to pay close attention. 

I suppose this isn't really a clear milestone, but I find each of these incidents to be tiny footsteps on my daughter's pathway to literacy. I am attempting to cherish each and every one. [She remains, incidentally, beyond pleased with herself that she noticed the characters from I'm Bored making a cameo in Naked!, something that I missed completely.]  

How is the pathway to literacy and the lifelong love of books going in your homes? Wishing you all a letter-filled, book-filled 2015. 

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