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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 13

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book lists, the Cybils awards, diversity, gender, growing bookworms, Pi Day, Terry Pratchett, libraries, schools, reading, reviewing, and publishing.


Rest in Peace, Sir Terry. I liked: Remembering Terry Pratchett by @KidLitChick @HornBook (among many posts) http://ow.ly/Kgk89 

Sigh! Harper Lee’s Condition Debated by Friends, Fans and Now State of Alabama http://ow.ly/KgqVD  @NYTimes

Book Lists

A Tuesday Ten: Remarkable Female Protagonists (inc. Matilda!) in #kidlit + YALit SF + fantasy from @TesseractViews http://ow.ly/Kd7ss 

16 Picture Books about Women Scientists from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/K7TKd #kidlit #WHM2015

#RaisingReaders Monday: Best Biographies for kids for Women’s History Month! | @kateywrites http://ow.ly/K7Nny #kidlit

New Stacked #Booklist on Synesthesia in Middle Grade and YA http://ow.ly/KaWRn#kidlit #YALit @kimberlymarief @catagator

Nice #BookList from @HornBook on understanding time and time zones http://ow.ly/K7Iud #kidlit

The Best Feminist Books for Younger Readers, #BookList by @PinkBBWhiskey @bookriot http://ow.ly/K1D4U via @PWKidsBookshelf

Turn #STEM to #STEAM: Arts-Themed #Nonfiction for Kids │ JLG’s Booktalks to Go | @sljournal http://ow.ly/KaRY8

Top 10 Spy and Superhero Books for Kids per @PragmaticMom and her son http://ow.ly/K1FGi #kidlit #BookList


On the #Cybils blog: Interview with Melissa Stewart and Sarah Brennan http://ow.ly/KaVwL @mstewartscience @sarahbrannen @Book_Nut

On the #Cybils blog: #BookList Fun: Read Aloud-friendly Fiction Picture Books chosen by Dawn Mooney @5M4B http://ow.ly/KgkK2 

Diversity + Gender

Expand Your Horizons: Read Books from Foreign Lands, suggests @Everead w/ #BookList + author list + links http://ow.ly/K1G4I

"There Is Work to Be Done" | In @HornBook Sara Lissa Paulson suggests ways publishers can increase #DiverseBooks http://ow.ly/Kgl9i 

The World Of Children’s Books Is Still Very White | teacher @amywrothschild @FiveThirtyEight http://ow.ly/K1Cgi #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Counterpoint to recent discussions from @StaceyLoscalzo | There Are Boy Books & Girl Books (and it’s going to be ok) http://ow.ly/K7UL8

Events + Programs

News @MrSchuReads | James Patterson donates $1.25M partners w/ @Scholastic to Help School #Libraries http://ow.ly/K7TTD #PattersonPledge

Middle Grade #Nonfiction Books for Pi Day (3/14/15) from @RobertaGibson http://ow.ly/K7TNS #kidlit

Growing Bookworms

How (and why) to Keep Your Home Library Current by @StaceyLoscalzo http://ow.ly/Kd6tf  #GrowingBookworms

How to get kids to read independently @ValerieStrauss @washingtonpost http://ow.ly/KaTDo | References @Scholastic #KFRR

Families Armed With Books Repel The Effects Of Poverty @FDRLST "Reading together promotes lifelong #literacy" http://ow.ly/K7MeN

12 Kids' Songs that Build #Literacy Skills (+ which specific skills for each) from @growingbbb http://ow.ly/K1Fot

Penguin Random House Debuts Site (Brightly) to Help Parents #RaiseReaders @GalleyCat @RandomHouseKids @penguinkids http://ow.ly/Kd8ni 

What kids' questions can teach us + suggestions for encouraging them to learn from more + better ?s http://ow.ly/KgofC  @TrevorHCairney

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

How JK Rowling kept her Harry Potter secrets from the world @Hannah_Furness @TelegraphArts http://ow.ly/KaSAQ via @PWKidsBookshelf

J.K. Rowling alludes to new book in a tweet about @WorldBookDayUK reports @NYDailyNews http://ow.ly/K1CHk

Literary web sites, YA books & snobbery, thoughts from @chasingray http://ow.ly/KaW87 #YALit #Reviewing

What Books Can Do for You (make you more successful, attractive + more) Keren David @AwfullyBigBlog http://ow.ly/K7MAl @WorldBookDayUK

Carrying the Torch: Family Members Keeping a Character Alive (Madeline, Babar, + more) — @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/Kgnka 

Lovely! 31 Quotes From Children's Books That Will Inspire You At Any Age @buzzfeed http://ow.ly/Kb2MU 

Why on earth do people say that some #kidlit is "Too Good for Children" asks Cathy Butler @AwfullyBigBlog http://ow.ly/Kd6ZP 


Amy @SunlitPages on the excellent How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity + the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough http://ow.ly/Kd5KW

Schools and Libraries

10 Arguments Against #CommonCore that Presidential Hopefuls Should Avoid from @ReadingShanahan http://ow.ly/K7J9A

For school librarians: an author wish-list for a perfect school visit from @AwfullyBigBlog http://ow.ly/K3i8x

"School libraries make a difference": Julianne Moore in new PSA from @AASL http://ow.ly/Kd8P7 

Top 10 Ways To Get Students Talking about their Reading by @clareandtammy “What makes you think that?” @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/K3i47

Students (esp. if black) May Benefit From Teachers Who Are the Same Race, Study Finds @Stephen_Sawchuk @TeacherBeat http://ow.ly/KaTZl

"Standardized Tests are not the answer @katsok "for the love of god, fund the libraries and the librarians." http://ow.ly/K7MYA

New Report From Ithaka shows for older students, state budget cuts in higher ed hurt the poor the most @infodocket http://ow.ly/KaRGf

Unequal shelves in D.C. school libraries benefit wealthier students @michaelalison @washingtonpost http://ow.ly/KaRAs via @sljournal

Elementary School Dumps Homework and Tells Kids to Play Instead @Heatherhholland http://DNAinfo.com http://ow.ly/K7Mp4

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