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Literacy Milestone: Playing Librarian

LiteracyMilestoneALast night, not long before bedtime, I noticed that my daughter was being suspiciously quiet. I went into her room and found her ... organizing her collection of early readers by series and color. For example, the Mia books were together next to the Pete the Cat books because both have yellow and white spines. She then proceeded to give me one of the books (Celebrating Massachusetts) to take back to my room because it was green, and the only one from its series. I thought quietly to myself, "here is a librarian in the making." 

This morning she continued her organizing, and then went directly into pretending to be a librarian, telling me that, sadly, the library wasn't open yet, and I would have to come back later. When I said that I needed the library because I had no books at home she gave me a (pretend) comic book that she said I could keep, but that I would still have to come back later. Eventually she gave me some books "to take home", including Rocket Writes a Story, which she proclaimed "a grownup book."

As a side note, since we were looking at the (mostly lacking) organization of her books anyway, I suggested that we could go through the books and set aside the ones that we don't like as much. I said that we could donate them, and maybe someone else would appreciate them more than we do. She immediately piped up with: "Yes, let's donate that Book with No Pictures. But only to a grownup, because kids wouldn't like it." When she likes something, she is staunchly loyal. And when she doesn't like something... she doesn't change her mind, either. 

Anyway, I can't swear that this is the first time my daughter has pretended to be a librarian, but this is the first time I've seen her seriously organizing her collection. As for weeding the collection, well, we're going to have to work on that soon, before we completely run out of space. Happy National Library Week from Baby Bookworm (now 5 years old) and me! 

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