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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: May 1

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book lists, the Cybils Awards, the Kidlitosphere Conference, diversity, gender, carnival of children's literature, growing bookworms, reading, publishing, schools, screen-free week, and libraries. 

Book Lists

10 Princess Books For Kids Who Could Use a Break from @Disney Princesses (Whether They Realize or Not) @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/MchYZ

Every Hero Has a Story: Chapter Book (transitional readers) Reading List from @mrskatiefitz for #SummerReading http://ow.ly/M5HoQ

A fun addition to @HornBook signs of springtime series: construction-themed picture books, chosen by Katie Bircher http://ow.ly/MlHGq 

Christian Children’s Literature in the Library: A Quick Accounting from @fuseeight + @AaronZenz http://ow.ly/MceRa

A Tuesday Ten: children’s science fiction + fantasy ttitles in which the color blue plays a big role @TesseractViews http://ow.ly/MimOd

5th Grade #SummerReading List from @momandkiddo from Flora + Ulysses to Savvy to Absolutely Almost http://ow.ly/Mcef1

#RaisingReaders Monday: Summer Camp Reads both old and new from @kateywrites http://ow.ly/McdNc #BookList #SummerReading

Dig Into the Past and Soar to the Stars: #Diverse Genre Fiction for Teens | @sljournal #BookList by Joy Fleishhacker http://ow.ly/MlZoO 

A Tuesday Ten: @TesseractViews | #kidlit SF + Fantasy featuring rabbits, hares and all kinds of bunnies! http://ow.ly/M5I9i

Stacked: It's Prom Season: A YA Reading List (books published since 2011) from @catagator http://ow.ly/Mimxr #YALit


On the #Cybils blog, an Interview with Carrie Alexander (from Rocketwagon), publisher of this year's #BookApp winner http://ow.ly/Mfm5y

On the #Cybils blog: #BookList Fun: Cybils Books with Latino Flair, selected by panelist @ixtumea http://ow.ly/MlHpv 

Diversity + Gender

An argument for people to read more #DiverseBooks by Filipino author Candy Gourlay @GuardianBooks http://ow.ly/MioXR via @elvenjaneite

Author @haleshannon shares why she has started calling out boys in the audience who boo for anything girl-oriented http://ow.ly/MflGa

Girl, 8, strikes blow for equality over 'boys only' books |Alison Flood @GuardianBooks via @LisaYee1 http://ow.ly/Miqn3 @Scholastic

“Smart girls are funny girls”. Announcing FUNNY GIRL (a humor anthology for girls) — @fuseeight + @VikingChildrens http://ow.ly/Min9Q

Food for though in CCBlogC: Thinking About...Visibility as Cultural #Diversity : A Continuum by Megan Schliesman http://ow.ly/MlGRK 

Events + Programs

SFW-logo-with-2015-date-and-website-300x176Screen-Free Week, organized by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood @commercialfree is coming May 4-10, 2015 http://ow.ly/MbA7l

Tips for Celebrating #ScreenFreeWeek 2015 from @BookChook http://ow.ly/MlYTl 

Now is the time to submit your post to the April Carnival of Children's Literature. Deadline is April 29: http://ow.ly/Mfwze #kidlit

Readers: share your stories about how reading has changed your life @Scholastic #SharePossible site: http://www.scholastic.com/worldofpossible/ …

Happy El día de los niños/El día de los libros (libraries promoting family literacy +#diversity ) from @CCBCwisc http://ow.ly/MlIl6

Publisthers Partner with White House on E-reading Initiative, reports @PublishersWkly http://ow.ly/Mmsww 

Generosity from author spreads literacy in Naperville, donates $17k towards #literacy camps http://ow.ly/MmsYy  via @PWKidsBookshelf

Growing Bookworms

Tip for parents "poetry is a great way to share language with kids who have very short attention spans" @mrskatiefitz http://ow.ly/Mipx8

Why You Should Read Aloud to Older Kids, wonderful, must-share guest post @momandkiddo by @SunlitPages http://ow.ly/MiojC

How Much (+why) Should Children Read? #WorldBookDay Infographic by @hannahsjohnson in @PubPerspectives http://ow.ly/MfIr7

I agree on this (though have made exceptions): @SunlitPages on Why My Kids Read the Book Before They See the Movie http://ow.ly/M5GZo

"if we want to encourage more children to read for pleasure, (why) do we force books on them...?" @AwfullyBigBlog http://ow.ly/MchFT

12 Incredible Resources for Struggling Readers @ThisReadingMama http://ow.ly/MfmRr #GrowingBookworms

MRI shows association between reading to young children and brain activity | @EurekAlertAAAS via @ReachOutAndRead http://ow.ly/MbFK3


2015-KidLitConLogoSquareAnnouncing #KidLitCon 2015! The ninth annual Kidlitosphere Conference will be in Baltimore on October 9-10. Details: http://ow.ly/MkKfS 

Don't miss the Carnival of Children’s Literature April 2015 Roundup | Thanks @asuen1 http://ow.ly/MlEna  #kidlit

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Slim Appeal: 5 Successful Book Spines that make people want to read the books — @100scopenotes http://ow.ly/MilXI #kidlit

5 Reasons Why Reading Children's Novels As a Teen Is Beneficial by Mackenzie Patel @HuffPostTeen http://ow.ly/MfJ6f

Challenge from @100scopenotes | Create a Book Cover for the Bookless Character from the @BNBuzz children's section http://ow.ly/Mcfph

Essay on the gift of magic in Edward Eager's writing, by Alice Hoffman in @HornBook http://ow.ly/Mcd8y

The Future of Reading: There’s No Mystery About It | Walter Mosley in @WSJ report on leadership http://ow.ly/Mbykh

A defense of copyright (with analogy using cake) by John Dougherty @AwfullyBigBlog http://ow.ly/Mim8p

Terry kicks off a new feature @readingtub |A Throwback Thursday #TBT for book reviews http://ow.ly/MlI8t  #kidlit

Schools and Libraries

Research results: students think better (and burn more calories) with standing desks http://ow.ly/M8I0E @ScienceDaily

Lovely! Improbable libraries: unusual places to bury your head in a book… | @GuardianBooks via @Jon_Scieszka http://ow.ly/M8I5d

Should We Teach Students Spelling? @ReadingShanahan says yes + gives reasons why it still belongs in the classroom http://ow.ly/MlK2b 

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