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Literacy Milestone: Writing Her First Book

LiteracyMilestoneALate last week, my daughter (who is in a "make things out of construction paper and tape" phase) made a little book. It was initially just some sheets of paper folded over and taped together, with a few pictures and a cut-out. But then my husband got out a story that he wrote and illustrated when he was in first grade. (It was about hockey. We all found it hilarious.) This inspired my daughter to turn her book into a story. 

Quick as a flash, she drew some additional pictures, and then told us the story that went with them. It involved a boy named Jonathan who "lost his kite in a gust of wind", got the kite stuck in a tree, and called the fire department for help (complete with drawing of a cell phone). She wrote a lot of the story down herself (with much spelling help from Daddy), until she got too tired, and my husband wrote out the rest for her. But the words were all hers. 

I was impressed that she had a main character, a problem, a solution, and a happy ending. While not a complex story, to be sure, I think it shows that she is on the right track. This is what comes of reading hundreds upon hundreds of books to a child - she does develop a sense of story. 

Yesterday she had friends over. As soon as they arrived, she needed me to give her the book (which was already put away for safekeeping), so that she could show it to them. Similarly with her babysitter today. She is proud of her work.

I think it's safe to say that this will not be her last story. 

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