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Literacy Milestone: Making Signs

NoLittleBrothersAllowedThe other day my daughter called me into the playroom to see a "fort" that she and her babysitter had constructed out of foam floor tiles. She was especially pleased about the sign taped up by the entrance: "No Little Brothers Allowed" (shown to left). 

She does not actually have any little brothers, nor any on the horizon. We do have a family friend who pretends to be her little brother sometimes. His response to a photo of the sign was that little brothers can't read anyway. This she thought was hilarious. But the sign remains prominently displayed. 

She did have help with spelling the words on the sign. And clearly she needs more practice with the spacing of words. But I think it's a milestone because she's realized that she can use words to publicly express her preferences (even if they are imaginary preferences). This milestone probably owes a debt of gratitude to a book we've read a number of times: The Berenstain Bears: No Girls Allowed

Did your children put up signs around the house as they were learning to read and write? I'm expecting: "Do Not Enter, Mom and Dad" on her bedroom door one day. (Or, more likely, just "Do Not Enter, Mom.) But not quite yet... 

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