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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 16

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. I'm not sharing links here to posts with Cybils nomination suggestions, since the Cybils public nominations are now closed. Nor am I sharing my #KidLitCon tweets from last weekend. There are many, but few contain links.

I do have links to a couple of #KidLitCon recaps. I also have links to tons of posts shared during the week for the #StoriesForAll initiative (kicked off here by Shannon Hale), which aims to encourage boys and girls to read ALL sorts of books, not just books "for boys" or "for girls". 

Other topics this week include book awards, book lists, diverse books, Halloween, poetry, growing bookworms, reading aloud, Alice in Wonderland, and school libraries. 


LOLBookAward.@Scholastic launches prize for funny children's books in the UK, w/ Michael Rosen as head judge | @TheBookseller  

Finalists for National Book Award in Young People’s Literature have been announced | @tashrow has the scoop 

Book Lists

They always read great books at @momandkiddo 's house. Here are: Favorite Children's #PictureBooks of 2015 (Part 3) 

8 Not-So-Scary #PictureBooks for Halloween | a #BookList from @denabooks @ReadBrightly 

Big categorized list of Favorite Halloween Books for kids from @rebeccazdunn (pumpkins, trick-or-teating, cats, etc) 

Here is a lovely list of #Diverse Chapter Books from @abbylibrarian, who welcomes suggestions for more #kidlit  

10 Graphic Novels Recommended by 3rd Graders from @frankisibberson for #GNCelebration  #BookList

A Tuesday Ten from @TesseractViews : 2015 Alternate Histories in #kidlit | Fun to see so many. 

6 Great Middle Grade Fantasies Starring Sisters from @charlotteslib @BNKids  #kidlit #BookList

Really scary middle grade titles, selected by @KidLitChick @HornBook #kidlit 

Stories About Refugees: A #YALit Reading List from @catagator at Stacked 

Interracial Romance In (and on) YA Books: A Guest Post from @afrocubansista at Stacked @catagator #DiverseBooks 


New post on the #Cybils blog | On #DiverseBooks for Kids, Agendas, and More from blog co-editor @aquafortis

Diversity + Gender (including #StoriesForAll)

Must-read/discuss post from @haleshannon on gendered reading + damage it causes boys + girls. #StoriesForAll  @BWKids

"don’t let anyone convince you that what you want to read wasn’t written for you" Maya Van Wagenen on #StoriesForAll  

Great post from librarian Margaret Millward how she got kids reading boy AND girl books #StoriesForAll @haleshannon 

"books are empathy bombs with the gigatons necessary to blow apart our biases" @writerMattKirby #StoriesForAll 

"Flipping the script on ... cultural norms and expectations is a great deal of fun!" @KeklaMagoon #StoriesForAll 

"I know I am a better man for having been able to read books that appealed to me" Calvin Crosby on #StoriesForAll 

"We read to understand the “other”, to build empathy, to appreciate nuance" RebeccaRichardson #StoriesForAll  @BWKids

Varian Johnson on how he read Judy Blume as a kid: "These books are for readers, period."  #StoriesForAll @BWKids

Suzanna Hermans on how booksellers work to transcend "boy books" vs. "girl books" #StoriesForAll  @BWKids @oblongirl

“I didn’t raise ‘girls’. I raised people." A story about @MelissadelaCruz 's dad for #StoriesForAll  @BWKids

6 Key Points from the UK Study on #Diversity in Publishing | @LEEandLOW #DiverseBooks 

Events + Programs

Lots of celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland | @medinger has the scoop on many  

Fun! Librarian Shares Her Love of Books with a Bike-powered Mobile Library in SF - @shareable via @tashrow 

Read With @ReadingRainbow This Saturday In Dewey's 24 Hour @ReadAThon (Yes, parents and kids, that means YOU!) 

Growing Bookworms

I was not aware of this phenomen: How to Spot a Fake (Reader) by Laura Lambert @ReadBrightly 

A bittersweet #ReadAloud Milestone: when your child reads ahead on his own, by @DefineMother @NerdyBookClub 

Helping Children to Love #Poetry: 9 ideas and some books, recommended by @TrevorHCairney  

5 Tips for Reading to Babies Every Day from @growingbbb | e.g. "Read when baby wakes up" 

Useful advice: How to Help Your Child Transition to Chapter Books by @ImaginationSoup @ReadBrightly  #literacy

High Interest Low Readability Books for Struggling Readers (+ why such books are important) from @ThisReadingMama 

Top 10 #Literacy Tips for Teens from Carla at Adventures in Literacy Land, e.g. "Tap into the enthusiasm for Tech" 

Nice! I'll Never Stop Reading Bedtime Stories to My Kid, No Matter How Old He Gets | @DresdenPlaid @BabbleEditors 

10 #Literacy Activities About Pumpkins from @mrskatiefitz | eg "Act out the traditional Five Little Pumpkins rhyme" 

How We Can Help Our Book Abandoners? asks teacher @PernilleRipp | Start by sharing our own abandonments + why 

Kidlitosphere /#KidLitCon

KidLitCon2015GroupMaureenBlather- What I Learned at #Kidlitcon (+ some thoughts on possible blog changes + a fun picture) from @MsYingling [Photo taken by Maureen Kearney, shared by Ms. Yingling]

Quick #KidLitCon report @Everead "If you're thinking about going next year, just start planning now. So worth it."  

Plenty of interesting #kidlit stuff in today's Fusenews: In and out of the loop I go — @fuseeight

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

ThankYouBookMoBenji from Tales of an Elem School Librarian + I are both very sad about coming end to the Elephant & Piggie series  (Image from this post at 100 Scope Notes)

Now that she has a new job, @FuseEight keeps Finding MORE Children’s Literature references in Unexpected Places   

How do you read books? asks Miriam Halahmy @AwfullyBigBlog | There are many ways these days  #eBooks

Schools and Libraries

.@MrSchuReads on His New Role as @Scholastic Ambassador for School Libraries (aka cheerleader) by @roccoa @sljournal  

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