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Literacy Milestone: Critiquing the Illustrations

LiteracyMilestoneALast night my daughter and I were reading one of our long-time favorite books (Chicken Soup, by Jean Van Leeuwen and David Garvil) when she surprised me by offering a critique of one of the illustrations. Our interchange went like this:

Child: "They didn't do a very good job."

Me: "The sheep?" (There are sheep on this page, and proximity to their wool has made Little Chickie sneeze.)

Child: "No, the person drawing. His beak isn't even touching the wool. It wouldn't make him sneeze."

Me: "OK...."

Child: "Maybe we could draw lines to fix it, since it's our book." 

Just to be clear, she still enjoyed the book. She particularly likes to read Chicken Soup when she is sick herself. But she has reached the stage where she can like a book overall, but still criticize something specific about it. I think this is an important milestone in her developing life as a reader. 

Speaking of her life as a reader, you all might appreciate this. The other night she came home from a playdate. She referred to her hostess as "the main character of the playdate." I found this rather charming. A friend pointed out on Facebook that it was fortunate that she didn't refer to her hostess as the "antagonist." 

Thanks for reading! Wishing you all a book-filled weekend. 

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