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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: November 4

Numeracy Milestone: Doing (Small) Sudoku Puzzles

I don't seem to have a literacy milestone for my daughter this week. However, I believe that literacy and numeracy are connected, and I've been pleased to see her excited about doing sudoku puzzles. This started by accident. She went to a restaurant that featured a small sudoku puzzle using a 4 by 4 grid (vs. the traditional 9 by 9 grid) on the kids' menu. She was very interested in this puzzle. So, naturally, I went in search of more kid-friendly sudoku puzzles, and ended up buying her a copy of Will Shortz Presents The Monster Book of Sudoku for Kids: 150 Fun Puzzles.

I was initially going to hold onto the book for a Christmas gift, but then she spotted a sudoku puzzle in the newspaper that I was reading and expressed a wish for more sudoku puzzles that she could do. Well, what could I do besides bring out the new book?

So far she is quite keen on the book. She's about halfway through the 4 by 4 puzzles, and she's definitely getting the hang of it. She likes to flip forward and look at the 6 by 6 and 9 by 9 puzzles that are to come, but she knows that she's not quite ready for those. She also loves the book's monster theme, and has pronounced the monsters "so cute". 

I adored all sorts of puzzles as a kid. I studied engineering in college. I love that my daughter is interested in numbers and numeric puzzles, too. If this sudoku book helps keep her excited about numbers, it is well, well worth the $7 investment. I think that the sudoku is also helping her with logical thinking - figuring things out instead of guessing. 

OrganizedCandy[On a somewhat related note, she also likes to categorize things. To the left you can see her Halloween candy, sorted by type of candy and also by color in some cases.] 

I know that I talk mostly about books and reading on this blog. But one of my goals as a parent is that my daughter loves learning. It's important for me that she enjoys books, but I also intend to make every effort to encourage her affinity for math and numbers. 

Thanks for reading!

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