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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: December 23

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: December 18

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. It's been a bit of a light week, but topics include re-reading, writing, eBooks, picture books, book awards, best books, diverse books, reading logs, libraries, gift books, morris awards, Unicef, and National Cookie Day. 

Book Lists + Awards

. Releases Their Annual Lists of best children's books, from to

Our Favorite Dads of 2015 | via  

17 Of The Most Beautifully Illustrated In 2015, by Loryn Brantz

Here are "The New Classics" of children's literature, per teacher Kelly Gallagher-Mack

Top Ten Kids' Books for Foodies by Erin Johnson ow.ly/W2T99  + more

All Things Debut | Morris Awards & November/December Releases highlighted by at Stacked

Stand-Out Books of 2015 according to (whose opinion I value) ow.ly/W2R9y 


10 children's books that feature diverse characters | Corinne Segal  

21 Children's Books Every Black Kid Should Read via

Events + Programs

Sounds fun! Children's Writers & Illustrators Conf. | Jan 23-24 w/ + + more

Friday 12/18 is apparently National Cookie Baking Day. has a podcast + book suggestions w/ cooking

Bringing books to children in Thailand’s remote mountain districts | via  

Growing Bookworms + Young Writers

New Year's With Kids: Ideas that Promote Reading and Writing from  

Ten Ways Kid Writers Are Just Like Grownup Writers by ow.ly/VSG7K 

Questions to Ask When Kids Aren’t Reading | "Do they have choice?" + more ideas from ow.ly/W2SH3 

Holiday Book Lists and Gift Ideas

Gift Books 2015: 25 to give this season |

Advice from on ways that you can use money to buy happiness | For yourself, spend on your health  

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Hello, Old Friend, Time to Read You Again - on the pleasures + insights that come from re-reading a favorite

On why kids and adults sometimes crave reading books again and again and again by Miriam Halahmy  

boost boys' reading abilities (+ make them think reading is "cool"), research finds, reports

Why This Book? The Conundrum of Virality (of controversy) and A Fine Dessert — ow.ly/W2TVT 

These are fun! 24 Things People Slightly Obsessed With Reading Know To Be True ow.ly/VZXlI 

Lots of good stuff here: 2015’s Biggest Moments in Children’s and YA Literature | ow.ly/W3aKV 


Simple word, memory & observation games that will shorten any holiday trip with kids by  

Steps to Help Foster a Preschooler’s Spatial Reasoning Skills | Language, mapping, blocks + more News

Schools and Libraries

Some Thoughts On Reading Logs from teacher | "What can we do ... to make them better for students?"  

This is cool! N.Y. Public Library to Host a Reading Recommendation Booth | via

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