Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: December 18
Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: New Year's Eve / Cybils Edition

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: December 23

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. It's been a quiet week, and thus this is a fairly short list. But there is definitely some interesting reading here for those in need of distraction. Topics this week include: book lists, mock ala awards, books for tweens, diverse books, nonfiction, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, family reading, growing bookworms, Christmas books, podcasts, parenting, and schools. 

Wishing those who celebrate it a wonderful Christmas, and wishing everyone peace, joy, and understanding in the New Year! I'll be back after January 1st. Thanks so much for reading. 

Book Lists + Awards

Rounding up tons of Mock Election Results via  

All I want for Christmas are...Board Books, new by

Chapter Books for an 8 Year Old Boy: 10 exciting series to keep him reading, chosen by  

Big List of Books for Tween Girls from (mom of an 11 y.o. girl)  

Diversity + Gender

Dreaming of Books: The I want to see (eg realistic fiction featuring Latina girls) from Jennifer Wharton  

Guest Post by on blog: I Am So Over Writing About Strong Girls

Events + Programs

Press Release : 5th National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature To Be Inaugurated on Jan 7, 2016  

Cool! Maryland to mail free books each month to Baltimore children under age 6 via  

Growing Bookworms

ReadingRainbowdefault-logoSuggestions to Rekindle Your Child's Love of Reading Over the Holidays from

Family Reading Resolutions for the New Year to help keep reading a family focus from  

Holiday Posts and Gift Guides

Have Some Holly, Jolly | Christmas-ish book recommendations from

Gift Ideas for Hands-on Reading: Playing with Interactive Board Books from

Five reasons to get your holiday gifts from a bookstore by Shoshana Flax 

This is very fun! Wear Your Favorite Book Around Your Neck | via  

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Guest Post by on about in Thinking re Kids and (including )

If you liked reading…you may like listening to… (book/podcast pairs) by +


Parenting in the Age of Awfulness: How to instill cvility despite today's culture of disrespect

A wish by Nicola Morgan that we give ourselves + our kids this season  

Class Differences in Child-Rearing Are on the Rise reports from survey

Schools and Libraries

Sigh. Kindergarten Has Become the New First Grade. The new preschool is crushing kids:  

How is still "sharing the book love" as an administrator (no longer in the classroom)

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