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Mathematical Milestones: From Recognizing Number Order to Playing Shop

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #ALAyma, #STEM, #DiverseBooks + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Not included here, I shared some #JoyOfLearning articles earlier this week, with quotes and my comments. Topics in this post include: book lists, science fiction, teacher training, World Read Aloud Day, learning activities, the Cybils Awards, creativity, audiobooks, the ALA Youth Media Awards, STEM, diverse books, gender, picture books, parenting, and schools. 


2016: reviews of the winners. Congratulations to etc.

Reaction Tweets of the 2016 Youth Media Award Winners, gathered by 

"Your favorite books are worthy of (your) love, even if they didn't win an official award" reminds 

Winners of the 2016 Dolly Gray Children’s Lit Award (effective portrayals of developmental disabilities) 

Book Lists

Great for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a from

13 Books That Carry On the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. | by

Some favorite Multicultural Books for Preschoolers from

May the Facts Be with You | Mind-Boggling Stats, Marvels, and Daredevil Feats | Vicki Reuter

The latest Card Catalog podcast from highlights a variety of science-themed w/ more titles here:

2016 Rainbow List, a bibliography of high-quality books w/ significant GLBTQ content, aimed at kids up to 18

Compilation of Stacked Readers' Favorite Female-Driven Young Adult Novels from

Beyond the Stars: Sci-Fi Read-Alikes for “The 5th Wave” Fans | Joy Fleishhacker


2015 – The Ones That Got Away in speculative fiction, from at Stacked

2015 Finalists Announced; Accepting Symposium Proposals + more teen news | 

How did Finalists fare at the ALA Youth Media Awards? has the scoop 

Roundup of posts about 2015 Finalists: The Ones That Got Away on the blog 

The 2015 Finalists: What’s Being Said, Part 3 

Diversity + Gender

Go, indies, go! Independent booksellers compete to sell the most copies of certain says

"The gender gap in fields in general, + cybersecurity in particular, begins at home and in school" 

Top Ten Books That Colored My Whitewashed World by 

On the need for more Books in Spanish to Enhance Latino Family | Margarita Engle 

Why are there so few girls in children’s books? Jennie Yabroff kept noticing once she paid attention 

Events + Programs

WRAD2016World Read Aloud Day + are celebrating this as "Curiosity Week"

Great to see all the things that has been + will be accomplishing for in this recap:

One month to go until International on 2/14 | has the scoop: 

For this week's Multicultural Children's Book Day shares two books from Chinese culture 

Growing Bookworms

"Keep it fun", on Reading Picture Books With Children: An Interview with by Alicia Eames  

Schools that Read Together: Cultivating Reading Communities at the Secondary Level by

"If our true goal ... is to make students fall in love with books, then audio-books are a must"

Playful Learning / Creativity

14 Ways to Build Language Skills While Making a Pot of Soup | Featuring one of our fave books: Soup Day:

10 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently (e.g. follow their dreams): Andrew Tate via 

Lessons in math don’t have to be so boring. on puzzles/games to entice students 

Be you. The world will adjust. hopes his daughter retains her ability to do and see things her own way 

Schools and Libraries

"We can’t regulate our way to higher teacher quality, but we can teach our way" Shael Polakow-Suransky

How to Determine if Student Engagement is Leading to | new book excerpt

Why Do Students Love (or Hate) to Read? This Teacher Asks Hers to Figure That Out for Themselves by 

How to Fix the Country’s Failing Schools. And How Not To (examples from NJ) by David L. Kirp in 

Analyzing Reading Behaviors: A MUST for Every Teacher of Reading from Carla at Adventures in Land 

Comprehensive piece: How Business Got Schooled in War Over Standards by in 

Kindergarten Today Looks Like First Grade a Decade Ago, reports on research from UVA study 

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