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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #DiverseBooks, #RaisingReaders, Creativity + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics include book awards, book lists, snow days, speculative fiction, the Cybils awards, poetry, diverse books, gender, STEM, coding, Multicultural Children's Book Day, Black History Month, growing bookworms, grit, parenting, schools, libraries, creativity, publishing, Mo Willems, reading, and growth mindset. 

Book Lists and Awards

Why “The Hired Girl” Won the 2016 O’Dell Award (w/ recap of controversy)  

Snow Problem: 7 Books for Snowy Days | by

Slightly More Recent Books on Slavery for Young People, list from  

A Tuesday Ten from | The most recent Speculative Fiction titles that won the Newbery


For : Ones that Got Away per

RT @SLJournal:What to Read? Check out and the — Good Comics for Kids  

Diversity + Gender

A good thing: gets more realistic with 3 new body types + 7 skin colors, reports

"Books are tools through which children + adults see the framework of difference + learn to deal w/ it"  

Including in Your Home Library: Global Kids by w/

RT @SLJournal: Book Publishing—from Executives to Reviewers—Is White and Female, Survey Finds

Infographic from in Publishing: 2015 survey shared

Details on the book drive that is doing to support Marley Dias'

Support Pours In for 11 yo Girl Gathering 1000 Books w/ Black Girl Protagonists |

MCBDUseful! Resources for Finding Multicultural Children's Books from

Kids missing out on fab books b/c adults around them think there are books for boys vs for girls"

Really good article: 8 ways you can empower girls to learn coding by  

Events + Programs

28dayslogo (1)Congratulations to the 2016 Honorees, authors/illustrators to be showcased during

Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories reviewed by for |

Growing Bookworms

"learning to read pictures is the first step in learning to read" on writing  

How We Created A Community of Readers |Looking for next steps beyond finding reading time by teacher

Why schools must create a culture of reading, w/ concrete tips for teachers from


Bosses: Are You Too Gritty for Your Own Good? Do you keep trying to win losing battles

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

An informal taxonomy of Childfree adults in children's literature from Clémentine Beauvais  

Cool! will oversee new Elephant & Piggie Like Reading line of early readers for reports

The Conversation Around A Birthday Cake for George Washington | rounds up links, in time order

How Storytelling Works in the Brain and Why We (especially students) Need Stories via

Why You Should Read 50 Books This Year (+ What to Read + How To Do It) by via


Five Tips for Watching Videos with Toddlers (Plus a List of Favorites!) from  

"Just as effort alone can’t deliver results, praising effort isn’t enough to help a child.."

Schools and Libraries

The loss of (UK) libraries is another surefire way to entrench | Mary O'Hara

"what are the best ways that + can cultivate creativity?" Start of conversation at

On schools moving from Standardization to Personalization by after reading

How to Get Started With Genius Hour for Elementary Classrooms? by (helping kids uncover unique gifts)

Cultivating a Classroom Culture of Creativity (e.g. add Stop and Think time) by at blog

Makes sense to me: Teacher Burnout Is More Likely Among reports

9 Reasons Every Educator Should Embrace Change from principal w/ ideas from

How Can Schools Tap Into Parent Power For the Good of Students? On teacher home visits |

"we don’t focus on being able to learn that much in schools" but on making sure kids can be taught

Technology for the Sake of Technology: Consider the Why and the How says

8 competencies that schools should facilitate per SirKenRobinson in CREATIVE SCHOOLS, shared by

Ten Things Drawing Can Teach Us About (high levels of creativity, insight, etc) from

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