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Playful Learning: Building A Lemonade Stand

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Playful Learning, #1000BlackGirlBooks + #STEM

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. I also shared some links in more detail yesterday, with quotes and comments. Topics in this post include Bank Street Children's Book Awards, Black History Month, Lunary New Year, diverse books, Disney Reads Day, social media, e-books, growing bookworms, picture books, play-based learning, schools, introversion, and testing. 

Cybils-Logo-2015-Round-SmOne other note: in the interest of nurturing playful learning in my own child, I will not be posting next week, during my daughter's school vacation week. I expect to have lots of fun experiences to share on my return. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Cybils Winner Day, and a relaxing President's Day. If you have kids in school, I hope that they do NOT have homework over the vacation. 

Book Lists and Awards

It's Official - 2016 Bank Street Children's Book Committee Awards are here! @randomlyreading @bankstreetedu #kidlit http://ow.ly/Y8Pj1 

2016 American Indian Youth Literature Awards via @tashrow http://ow.ly/Yex6d  #kidlit

17 Important #PictureBooks to Read for #BlackHistoryMonth from @ReadingRainbow @JenniBuchanan http://ow.ly/Y8PqW 

Some #PictureBooks on Friendship and Loneliness, classroom favorites from @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/YewPC  #kidlit

Happy Year of the Monkey! A #BookList from @HornBook celebrating Lunar New Year http://ow.ly/Y8PlN 

18 Middle Grade Mystery Books, old and new, from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/Y60MT  #BookList 


This is awesome! @Tanita_S_Davis shares a #Cybils Valentine for children's book loves everywhere http://ow.ly/Yezkv 


Girl's drive to find #1000BlackGirlBooks hits target w/ outpouring of donations | @GuardianBooks  #DiverseBooks http://ow.ly/Y8RQx 

"Where are the children’s books that celebrate working-class values and voices" @ElenCaldecott @GdnChildrensBks http://ow.ly/Yeva9 

The Out-of-Print #DiverseBooks that @FuseEight would bring back if she could http://ow.ly/YexVE 

Events + Programs

DisneyReadsDayTomorrow is the first annual @Disney Reads Day in support of #literacy + @FirstBook  #MagicOfStorytelling http://ow.ly/Y0yED 

Exiting the Echo Chamber: #CTTCB16 Social Media Institute | notes from @145lewis  @FuseEight @colbysharp @SevenImp http://ow.ly/Y62tL 

Philly Girl Scout Creates Community Lending Library by @CarlyOkyle @sljournal http://ow.ly/YeuZS 

Growing Bookworms

How To Buy Baby's First Favorite Book (and Be the Best Aunt Ever) by @thebibliot @bookriot  @PWKidsBookshelf #Beekle http://ow.ly/YeuNk 

Guest Post by Amber Dlugosh @DavidGeurin | 6 Assumptions That Were Killing #Reading In My Classroom http://ow.ly/Y628y  #EdChat

Good advice here: What (NOT) to do when your child falls out of love with books. @kateywrites #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/Y61aa 

"talking with kids about their reading (choices) is part of being a thoughtful, intentional parent" says @Everead http://ow.ly/YexKK 

Advice to #Teachers On #ReadAlouds: ‘Pull a Favorite Book, Stop What You Are Doing, and Read to Them’ @Scholastic http://ow.ly/YezrX 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

In latest @Scholastic podcast, @Savageartist talks with editor Liza Baker about the Power of #PictureBooks http://ow.ly/Y5RA7 

92 Percent Of College Students Surveyed Prefer Physical Books To E-Readers (more satisfaction) | @DigitalTrends http://ow.ly/Y8SmO 

Majority of UK parents worried about children's digital reading, survey finds @GuardianBooks http://ow.ly/YeuFf  #eBooks

Lovely! Favorite Quotes About #Reading and Writing from @growingbbb http://ow.ly/YewWR 

Playful Learning

If We Know Play-Based Learning Works, Why Don’t We Do It? Don't we want kids to learn with joy? @MindShiftKQED News http://ow.ly/Y5NQH 

Fun example of #literacy play in @sxwiley kindergarten church class: treating  letters  like blocks http://ow.ly/YexxZ  #JoyOfLearning

Schools and Libraries

In the Classroom: Thoughts from 4th grade teacher + author @medinger on Teaching kids About Slavery w/ #BookList http://ow.ly/Y5YqE 

Calling Them Out or Lifting Their Voice? @cathymere reflects on kids who don't like sharing in large groups http://ow.ly/Y5XLn  #EdChat

Supporting Introverts in a 1st Grade Classroom by Courtney Pawol @ChoiceLiteracy http://ow.ly/Y5PuT  #teaching #introversion

When We Harm Rather than Help – Some Thoughts on Reading Interventions from mom + teacher @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/Y5Xd4  #education

#Nonfiction #PictureBook Wednesday| @carriegelson shares the delightful effect of nonfiction in her classroom http://ow.ly/YexcZ 

American Mensa's @scotteatsbacon on Keeping Advanced & Gifted Kids Safe + Motivated to Read  @ReadingRainbow http://ow.ly/Y0yLm 

17 Powerful Leadership Thoughts for #Teachers from #METC16 shared by @DavidGeurin http://ow.ly/YezwQ  @gcouros @RafranzDavis


New Ways to Teach Young Children to Code: apps, games, and logic puzzles - ideas from @SueSWSJ @wsj http://ow.ly/YevGv  #STEM

A Group of American Teens Are Excelling at Advanced Math @pegtyre @TheAtlantic http://ow.ly/YewdE  #STEM #EdEquity


The testing opt-out movement is growing, despite government efforts to kill it @ValerieStrauss @washingtonpost http://ow.ly/Y8P5u 

New, Reading-Heavy SAT Has Students Worried @anemonanyc @NYTimes http://ow.ly/Y8PJu  #testing #education

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