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Literacy Milestone: Doing Book Reports

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: #Teaching, #STEM, Reading Choice + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include book lists, chapter books, science books, diversity, Global School Play Day, Black History Month, growing bookworms, book reviews, creativity, schools, libraries, Genius Hour, STEM, and reading choice. I also shared a few #JoyOfLearning links, with quotes, in a post yesterday. 

Book Lists + Awards

A #BookList with timeless appeal from Jennifer Wharton: Pink and Fancy #PictureBooks  #kidlit http://ow.ly/XLikU 

Read Around Town: The Dentist's Office, 10 #PictureBooks about dentists + teeth from @mrskatiefitz  #BookList http://ow.ly/XUh5a 

18+ American Folktales and Tall Tales for Kids from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/XOUSj  #PictureBooks #kidlit

Review Round-Up: Books for Beginning Readers (easy readers + chapter books), January 2016, by @mrskatiefitz  #kidlit http://ow.ly/XGXMj 

A good list: Top 10 (or so) Chapter Books for Transitioning Readers by @librarianarika @NerdyBookClub  #kidlit http://ow.ly/XJsGi 

A Tuesday Ten @TesseractViews |#kidlit that takes place on the Red Planet (Mars)  http://ow.ly/XRLDI  #BookList

2016 AAAS/Subaru Prizes for Excellent in #Science Books: @tashrow shares winners in #PictureBook, middle grade, YA http://ow.ly/XGXAa 

2016 @EJKeats Book Awards for best new talents announced. Congratulations to @Devas_T + @PhoebeWahl  #kidlit http://ow.ly/XXDwF 

2016 Best Fiction for Young Adults list is out from @YALSA@tashrow shares the top 10 http://ow.ly/XXYLF  #YA #BookList

2016 Great #GraphicNovels for Teens, a #BookList from @YALSA shared by @tashrow http://ow.ly/XUgUL  #kidlit


African-American Experience Children’s Literary Reference Guide (books published 2011-2016) — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/XOU5c  #kidlit

Increasing #Diversity in #kidlit Reviews: Behind the Scenes w/ @sljournal "Gatekeeper" @LibraryVoice @ReadWhileWhite http://ow.ly/XRKtw 

Where are the #diverse children's books? | @mumfordmumford @MPRNews  @LEEandLOW @mattdelapena http://ow.ly/XXDNb 

Events + Programs

GSPDPlay, Baby, PLAY! Why teachers should participate in Global School Play Day on Feb. 3 #GSPD @GSPlayDay http://ow.ly/XJtHQ  #PLAY

Interview of founder of 24th Annual African American Children’s Book Fair @brownbookshelf  #BlackHistoryMonth http://ow.ly/XOTEC 

Informational #PictureBooks Celebrating African American History | Joy Fleishacker @sljournal http://ow.ly/XY1eC  #BlackHistoryMonth

McNuggets with a side of 'Paddington': McDonald's serves books in Happy Meals for 2016 @paperhaus @latimes http://ow.ly/XY2nQ 

Growing Bookworms

Thoughts from @frankisibberson on new Every Child a Super Reader book by @ernestmorrell + @pamallyn @Scholastic http://ow.ly/XOUCi 

"Anytime we tell someone that what they’re reading is wrong.. we make them like reading a little less" @JulieFalatko http://ow.ly/XRLcA 

#RaisingReaders: How My Parents Raised Readers w/out Being Avid Readers, guest post by @housefullbkwrms @SunlitPages http://ow.ly/XOVre 

Good advice here from @BookChook | Three Parent Plans to Create a Strong Reader  #GrowingBookworms http://ow.ly/XXZp7 

Reading Ahead! How to Keep Your Advanced Reader Challenged and Interested - @JenniBuchanan @ReadingRainbow http://ow.ly/XRMuE 

Why It's Never Too Early To Start Reading With Your Kids | @HPCAParents @canpaedsociety  #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/XLlHy 

Going Schoolwide w/ Reading Engagement: Start with Success (+ lots of interesting books) says @ReadByExample http://ow.ly/XJsM7 

Keeping Independent Reading FUN is Critical to Student Achievement | Judy Newman from @Scholastic at @NEAToday http://ow.ly/XY1QX 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

UK author SF Said campaigns for more children's book reviews in newspapers says @TheBookseller http://ow.ly/XS7He  via @PWKidsBookshelf 

.@Amazon Is Said to Be Planning an Expansion w/ up to 400 Retail Bookstores @nickwingfield @NYTimes http://ow.ly/XUih4 


Stanford educator Denise Pope says students need more sleep, family time, @chalsuccess in @MercuryNews http://ow.ly/XLlUG  #EdChat

RT @TedFujimoto: How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off http://nyti.ms/1nv0ZIj  #creativity #edchat #deeperlearning

Playful Learning

10 Ways to Make Handwriting Practice Fun, guest post by @Creekside_Learn for @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/XUhn3  #JoyOfLearning

How Turning #Math Into Maker Workshop Can Bring Calculations to Life + get kids clamoring for more @LindaFlanagan2 http://ow.ly/XUiGJ 

Schools and Libraries

Enough with the Teacher Talk- Ideas from @PernilleRipp for Getting More Student Talk (like, just ask the question) http://ow.ly/XHGU6 

The Professional Books that Changed Me as a Teacher (and why for each) by @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/XRLlQ  #teaching #EdChat

Tips for Parents in Week 1 of School (& Some for Teachers Too!) from @TrevorHCairney in Australia http://ow.ly/XRK4K  #learning

'Micro Schools' (< 150 kids) Could Be New Competition for Private K-12 @AriannaProthero @EducationWeek http://ow.ly/XOXO9 

What Character Strengths Should Educators Focus On and How? (Results from Boston study) @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED http://ow.ly/XOSfB 

So You Teach a Whole Class Novel – A Small Idea to Help keep the process positive for all students @PernilleRipp http://ow.ly/XOTxJ 

"one of the most valuable things educators can do is to help kids accept + celebrate mistakes" @AndReaBeaty at #4OCF http://ow.ly/XGYcv 

Laughter In the Library: Reading and Sharing Books That Make Kids Smile by @LarnetteS @NerdyBookClub http://ow.ly/XGXPb  #kidlit

Kindergarten teacher: Don’t blame us if your kids are overworked. It isn’t our fault @ValerieStrauss @washingtonpost http://ow.ly/XH0YF 

The 4 essentials of a successful #GeniusHour (1: let students explore their passions) by @jillbad @ESchoolNews http://ow.ly/XGZXL 

Thoughts from @ReadByExample on how to handle #reading logs in high school (try using social media) http://ow.ly/XXZCS  #teaching


Finding the #Math in Storybooks for Young Children, why and how | Herbert P. Ginsburg @MindShiftKQED  #STEM http://ow.ly/XRJx8 

Full #STEAM Ahead: Why Arts Are Essential in a #STEM #Education | @mbteach @Edutopia http://ow.ly/XOWSk 

Do Elite Colleges Lead to Higher Salaries? Only for Some Professions (Yes for business, no for #STEM). Study at @WSJ http://ow.ly/XOSUx 

#CommonCore standards for mathematics expect students to conceptually understand math @dailyjournalnet http://ow.ly/XOMex  #STEM

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