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Literacy Milestone: Appreciating Where the Wild Things Are

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Square Root Day + #Play + #TheWalter Award

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include The Walter Award, historical fiction, the Cybils Award, diverse books, Square Root Day, raising readers, reading aloud, reading levels, comics, play, poetry, summer reading, schools, education, STEM, testing, and growth mindset. 

Book Lists

15 Authors Share Their Favorite Bedtime Stories for Kids (#PictureBooks + older) @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/ZPlHw 

Great #Poetry #PictureBooks | http://ow.ly/ZRldA  | #BookList from @pernilleripp

45+ Thrilling Historical Fiction Books for Kids from @momandkiddo #BookList #KidLit

A Tuesday Ten: A #ScienceFiction Pathway Part IV: (introducing 7-9 year olds to SF) | http://ow.ly/ZRmrJ  @TesseractViews

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! Middle Grade #BookList for #SummerReading 2016 http://ow.ly/ZRlyI  @mrskatiefitz #kidlit


On the #Cybils blog: Interview with author @novaren  http://ow.ly/ZPmbM  @book_nut  #TheWallsAroundUs


At 1st Walter Award, Honorees Ask Industry To Make Change Happen + Encourage #Diverse Readers... http://ow.ly/ZPkYa 

Mind the Gap: Questions about Power for Storytellers to ask themselves from @MitaliPerkins  http://ow.ly/ZPmox  #DiverseBooks

Reviewing When We Think We Know or A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing | @medinger http://ow.ly/ZOhOe  #WeNeedDiverseBooks

How #WeNeedDiverseBooks is Working With #Libraries + changing the world http://ow.ly/ZUGRD  @PublishersWkly @diversebooks

Events + Programs

Another fun holiday for #math geeks approaches: Square Root Day is 4/4/16 (which is also opening day for baseball) http://ow.ly/ZLMx6 

A happy thing: North Texas Program Gives Moms Books For Newborn Babies @CBSDFW via @starbrightbooks http://ow.ly/ZG8gy  #literacy

Growing Bookworms

"I still read (aloud to my older kids) because it pulls us close. There is intimacy in a shared story" http://ow.ly/ZMkYj  @CarrieGelson

 Why I Created ‘Reading Rules’ for My Children – And Myself by mom of 4 boys @ArielLawhon http://ow.ly/ZPlzx 

How to Instill the Love of Reading, and why it's important from @levarburton @Edutopia  #RaisingReaders http://ow.ly/ZLCMg 

"there still should be places in our day where we just #readaloud for the #joy of the story" @CathyMere http://ow.ly/ZUwLG  #g2great

25 #Literacy Activities About Health and Fitness from @mrskatiefitz  http://ow.ly/ZUx2Z  #nutrition, movement, #play


Catch up on the latest #kidlitosphere news in Fusenews: Who are we to say? — @fuseeight http://ow.ly/ZRn5J 

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Reading Pictures: What Comics Can Teach Young Children (emotions + more) http://ow.ly/ZPlZz  @jenniholm @ReadBrightly

Can children's books help build a better world? | Author SF Said thinks so http://ow.ly/ZOiWN  @GdnChildrensBks

How are our children's reading experiences shaping the people they will become? asks @donalynbooks @nerdybookclub http://ow.ly/ZMkGd 

Fun stuff! 10 reasons why you should eat chocolate while reading http://ow.ly/ZRfwt  @callaghansstuff  @GdnChildrensBks


Why #play is an #equity issue? guest post by @Ijumaaj @earlyedequity  http://ow.ly/ZOjOh  via @sxwiley #education

Is There Hope for a Return to Common Sense (+ learning via #play) in Early Childhood Education? @laurieadvocates http://ow.ly/ZOLLO 

Inspiration from the Blogosphere: Why Play? @sxwiley recaps several articles about #play in #education http://ow.ly/ZOhvG 

Secrets of Life from teacher of young kids for > 20 years http://ow.ly/ZRoig  "Let them play" "Read them stories" @CarrieGelson

Why Is It Hard to Understand #Learning Through #Play? @gailmult @BAMRadioNetwork http://ow.ly/ZRnPl  | Documentation could help

Sigh. Florida Senate Denies Parent Request for Required Daily #Recess | @Lynch39083 http://ow.ly/ZUxUF via @drdouggreen

Schools and Libraries

Ideas for getting kids moving in the classroom from @RACzyz http://ow.ly/ZOi83  #4OCF #EdChat

Guest Post: P.J. Hoover at @CynLeitichSmith on The Awesomeness of School Visits + things teachers can do http://ow.ly/ZOgLb 

4 Ways to Promote #GrowthMindset in #ProjectBasedLearning @BIEpbl  http://ow.ly/ZMd0N  via @drdouggreen

"raising test scores is not a vision for learning" | What core values should your school have @DavidGeurin http://ow.ly/ZMbEh 

Books, books, books, everywhere you look: Celebration of a classroom #library by @CarrieGelson http://ow.ly/ZMboO 

"Can we modify our language (re: #Reading Levels) to help foster a passion and purpose for reading?" @LPalmReader http://ow.ly/ZGtpR 

We’re Trying To Do “The Wrong Thing Right” in Schools, says @willrich45 | We do what's easier for the adults http://ow.ly/ZG71M 

10 Practical Ways to Innovate in Your #Classroom from @ajjuliani http://ow.ly/ZReyO #EdChat #GeniusHour

"school libraries and librarians are essential to a child’s growth + development" - Advocacy Post from @literacious http://ow.ly/ZUuaW 


Good tips! The Top 6 Ways to Support a Mathematical Child (PDF download) http://ow.ly/ZMoAC  @joboaler #STEM @YouCubedOrg

Using #poetry to make connections between #math + #literacy in the classroom http://ow.ly/ZUywf  Adventures in Literacy Land

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