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Literacy Milestone: Using Books to Feel Closer to Someone Far Away

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: National #Poetry Month, Reading Choice, #Play + more

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter over the past two weeks @JensBookPage. Topics include book awards, Meg Rosoff, picture books, nonfiction, early readers, book lists, speculative fiction, Beverly Cleary, Women's History Month, National Poetry Month, the Cybils Awards, diversity, women in tech, Mathematics Awareness Month, growing bookworms, reading choice, STEM, schools, libraries, testing, and playful learning. 

Awards and Book Lists 

Kudos to @megrosoff winner of the 2016 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award @awardofficealma http://ow.ly/10jQxF  #kidlit #YA

Hans Christian Anderson Award Winners announced by #IBBY http://ow.ly/10q1Ul  @tashrow #kidlit

#PictureBooks Celebrating books + libraries http://tinyurl.com/zmn49yx  from @PernilleRipp

#PictureBooks about anger, frustration + general crankiness from @momandkiddo http://tinyurl.com/hgszq4x  |  I would add #MayaWasGrumpy

Top 10 Books to Encourage Discussions around Social Justice by @jenorr http://ow.ly/ZWX1F  #kidlit

Review roundup of books for beginning readers http://tinyurl.com/jqvg6ha  from @mrskatiefitz #kidlit

Aliens, dystopias, future worlds, space adventure, invention: ideas to hook 9-12 y.o. kids on #SciFi http://ow.ly/10coh9  @TesseractViews

March Madness: 6 Terrific Books for Young Basketball Fans... http://ow.ly/10cmlY 

Books for Kids who Like Books by Beverly Cleary from @momandkiddo http://ow.ly/10q0TZ  #kidlit

12 #Nonfiction Books w/ Rave Reviews from Kids | @Bookopolis @ReadBrightly http://ow.ly/10cm4  #BookList

For #WomensHistoryMonth http://tinyurl.com/hhnsbzr  | Some #Nonfiction #PictureBooks recommended by @RandomlyReading


Today on the #Cybils blog, an interview with @bridgetheos http://tinyurl.com/z98qmpy  about #nonfiction winner I, Fly

Diversity + Gender

'We Stories' aims to get white families talking about race, racism through children’s books via... http://ow.ly/10cpQm 

I do think that this is a growing issue: The One Kind of #Diversity Colleges Avoid = ideological / political... http://ow.ly/10ch1K 

Increasing #diversity in children's books still a challenge http://ow.ly/10nypE  Allison Colburn @CoMissourian @diversebooks

If you think #WomenInTech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention http://ow.ly/10pPKU  @math_rachel @SheilaRuth

Events + Programs (including National Poetry Month)

Nice! @MrsKatieFitz takes her two girls on a #Poetry Picnic http://tinyurl.com/zyrs6wd  #NationalPoetryMonth

Tips from @MaryAnnScheuer for sharing #poetry with kids http://tinyurl.com/zolsdlg  #NationalPoetryMonth is coming up!

Make #Poetry Fun and Relevant for Every Child: Interview w/ poet/educator Laura Shovan http://ow.ly/10pZ81  @Kateywrites #PoetryMonth

#NationalPoetryMonth Celebrations for #Mathematics Awareness Month @missrumphius  http://ow.ly/10q1xH  #poetry #STEM

Growing Bookworms

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let My Toddler Destroy His Board Books http://ow.ly/10ckVZ  @BookRiot How he shows #BookLove

7 Early Signs Your Child May Have a #Reading Issue  @ImaginationSoup  @ReadBrightly  #literacy https://t.co/PjMbeRz8Wd

The Buddy System: Everyone Gains When Kids (of different ages) Read Together @sljournal http://ow.ly/10kFiR  #ReadAloud

Why I Always Say Yes to ‘One More Bedtime Story’  @ScissortailSilk... http://ow.ly/10cmdR 

What You Miss After Your Child Learns to Read http://ow.ly/10ciGs  @clare_ansberry @WSJ Many kids want you to continue to #ReadAloud

‘Tricks’ to getting kids reading all revolve around giving them choice http://tinyurl.com/zlpm2d8  | Adventures in #Literacy Land

#RaisingReaders: How to Raise a Family of Readers (Guest Post) http://ow.ly/10q2h0  by Seven Little Australians for @sunlitpages

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Eight Recent Children’s & YA Books Collectors Should Grab, according to @fuseeight #kidlit link 

When is a small thing big enough to make you walk away from a book? asks @charlotteslib http://ow.ly/10pXiH  #Reading


Spring Break "Staycation" Ideas for when you start to hear "I'm bored" http://ow.ly/10q1fI  @readingtub

Play and Learning

Three wrong theories of how kids learn, and how to better help them @sxwiley http://tinyurl.com/znoxfwd  #education #play

The Importance of Giving Children Independence + more time for free #play http://ow.ly/10pVhG  @ErikaChristakis @WSJ

RT @RaePica1 Nearsightedness: Myopia Risk Reduced When Kids #Play Outdoors More https://t.co/EGb3aWcCDo #earlychildhood #parenting

For young kids, #play is their purpose: @sxwiley http://ow.ly/ZXdQs  #JoyOfLearning

Does More Time on the Playground Equal Success in the Classroom? Schools in TX are researching http://ow.ly/10pPqt  @educationweek #play

How Montpelier High Added #Recess for High School Students w/ good results http://ow.ly/10pR9u  @edutopia #education

Schools and Libraries

A letter from @camphalfblood you can share with your kids’ teachers discouraging the Percy Jackson movies in class http://ow.ly/ZXeg9 

James Patterson is Donating Another $1.75 Million to U.S. School #Libraries  http://ow.ly/10ckhT  @JP_Books @LibraryJournal

Top 10 Reasons to Create #LittleFreeLibraries in Your Community http://tinyurl.com/gkwn76l   @ClareAndTammy @NerdyBookClub

Ideas from @MsSackstein on how to prepare high school kids for the next step http://tinyurl.com/zda54yq  #GrowthMindset #learning

From @100scopenotes http://tinyurl.com/hrgz5us  | An idea worth stealing: family fort night at the #library

This is why Finland has the best #schools: learning through play + more http://ow.ly/10pU92  William Doyle in @smh


Never Too Young To #Code, but you have to use the right tools, let kids stay active | @sljournal http://ow.ly/10nxVz  #STEM

Of #Coding and Compassion | Learning to benefit from mistakes, nurture #GrowthMindset http://ow.ly/10nxPn  @sljournal #STEM


Why We’re Opting Out of #Testing by @iChrisLehman http://ow.ly/10pQHa  w/ details re: NY #education

How Asian test-prep companies swiftly exposed the brand-new SAT http://tinyurl.com/zgrqp3q  @reuters via @drdouggreen #testing

On opting out of standardized #testing and opting in to other creative evaluations http://ow.ly/10pY80  @ReadByExample #learning

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