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Literacy Milestone: Making Other People Do Book Reports

LiteracyMilestoneAOK, this isn't really a milestone, but I thought that readers might get a kick out of it. As readers who have been following this blog know, my daughter's kindergarten class recently starting having weekly book reports as homework. They bring home a book and journal on Monday and have to return them on Thursday. They have to write a full sentence and draw a picture in answer to each of four questions (what is the setting, etc.). The book reports have occasionally led to tears in our household (particularly one evening when our travel schedule resulted in her having only one night to do one), but for the past couple of weeks my daughter seems to have reconciled herself to them. 

The other day she brought home her newest assigned book (What Teachers Can't Do by Douglas Wood and Doug Cushman). But before actually working on said book report, she undertook another project. She stapled together ~15 folded pieces of construction paper each to make three booklets. She labeled each one "Book repart" and made a line on each cover. She handed these over to my husband, our babysitter, and me, asking us to put our first name and middle/last initials on the line. Then she told us that we had two weeks to do our book reports. 

The next morning after breakfast she took me up to her room to select my book. She requested it to be a board book, and I chose Elmer by David McKee. She tried to read it to me, but it was a bit beyond her reading level, so I read it to her, while pretending that she was reading it to me. After she left for school, I wrote out my answers to the four questions from her school book report template. But I haven't done any illustrations as of yet. I'm sure she'll be cracking down later. 

I think this form of play is a good thing. Perhaps it represents my daughter taking the book report process and making it into something over which she has more control. For sure it's something that she thinks is fun, which is much better than just having negative associations about the whole thing. 

So, fair warning to visitors to our home. You could be assigned a book report. Be ready!

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