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GREAT-STORIES_Seal_FINAL3I received an email today about a new award for picture books from Hallmark, complete with a cash prize for the author and illustrator of the winning book. From the email:

"For the inaugural year, judges include Betsy Bird, Alfredo Lujan, Alan Bailey and Cheri Sterman. Eligible books include those published by publishers in the United States between January 1 and December 31, 2016 and must be entered into the competition by the publisher. The inaugural winner will be announced in March 2017."

From the award website:

"Throughout its history, Hallmark has worked to enhance relationships and enrich lives in everything it does. Because stories are fundamental to how people connect with and understand each other, Hallmark has created the annual Hallmark Great Stories Award.

The award recognizes excellence in writing and illustration in new children’s picture books that celebrate family, friendship and community.

Picture books published in the United States in 2016 will be considered for the inaugural year of the award. The inaugural winner will be announced in March 2017.

Picture books are nominated by publishers and the winner is selected by an esteemed panel of judges including experts in the fields of children’s storytelling, literacy, child development and library science. Each year a senior Hallmark artist and writer also are chosen to participate on the selection committee.

The award includes a Hallmark Great Stories Award medal and a cash prize of $10,000 to be shared by the book’s author(s) and illustrator(s), or granted entirely to the sole creator if it is written and illustrated by the same person."

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