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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 26: The Call for #Cybils Judges, and More

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, back to school, diverse books, exercise, growing bookworms, love of books, picture books, reading, and STEM. But the biggest news of the week is that the Cybils Awards are gearing up for fall, with a snazzy new logo color scheme, and accepting applications for judges. 

Book Lists

The Most Astonishingly Unconventional Children’s Books of 2016 — @100scopenotes  #kidlit #PictureBooks

Great choices here: 10 Favorite #PictureBooks for Starting #School, a #BookList from @MaryAnnScheuer  #kidlit

Read Around Town: #PictureBooks that celebrate the Post Office  @mrskatiefitz #BookList

Six Favorite #EasyReaders from an enthusiastic, internally motivated new #reader @sunlitpages  #BookList

A Tuesday Ten #BookList @TesseractViews | Foxes Fantastic | #kidlit fantasy featuring foxes

12 Girls from Fiction Who Are Their Own Heroes, brave + strong, #BookList by @Bookopolis @ReadBrightly  #kidlit


bloggers: the 2016 #Cybils logo by @aquafortis  is now available for download. Show your @cybils pride! 

Do You Want to Be a #Cybils Judge? @brandymuses suggests reasons to consider it  #kidlit

Announcing the #Cybils Call for Judges + her own new spot as #YA Fiction category chair: @melissawiley   #kidlit 

Hey there #kidlit + #YA reviewers: The #Cybils Call for Judges is now LIVE! Apply by 9/14 to help 

Change Is Fun!! | @book_nut summarizes changes to the #Cybils for this fall  |Call for judges coming soon! #kidlit

More news from the #Cybils blog: 2 new chairs (@kidsilkhaze + @growingbbb), and 1 closed category (#BookApps) 


Why #WeNeedDiverseBeginningReaders | w/ book suggestions at Guessing Geisel  #kidlit #DiverseBooks

Events and Programs

Italian government is giving teens €500 on their 18th birthday to spend on books/arts @christophhooton @Independent

Growing Bookworms

What’s "important is not that a child learns to love to read, but that a child learns to love story" @storybreathing

A resource room #teacher's plea: plea: let’s make Language Arts workbooks focus on brief real stories, not" tedium

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

The Great Rooms of Children’s Literature (incl. Berenstain Bears) by @Rumaan @Slate  #kidlit [Shown is the book with my personal favorite room from children's literature: Zilpha Keatley Snyder's The Velvet Room.]

The Importance of #PictureBooks, No Matter Your Age, guest post by Janice Milusich for @Lauri14o

When Celebrity #PictureBooks (based on pop songs) Go Kuh-kuh-kuh-KRAZY! — @FuseEight  #kidlit


On how books can help us raise our children, with a #BookList for discussing 9/11  @donalynbooks @nerdybookclub

Sounds reasonable: Study finds that exercise before #school enhances "on-task" behavior for kids  via @WSJ

Powerful piece by @ChloeSchama @Slate on how #reading to her nonverbal son has helped her to understand him

1/3 of parents avoid reading children scary stories, UK study finds | psychologists say not good @GuardianBooks

Schools and Libraries

The @HornBook site has a slew of #BackToSchool resources including #BookLists by age and other #school story links 

Why Do Intervention Effects Fade? @DTWillingham reviews some new research  #ECE #education #preschool


This is neat: IceBox Derby Helps Steer Teenage Girls in Chicago Toward #Math and #Science  @BeckieStrum  @WSJ #STEM

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