How To Be A Hero: Florence Parry Heide + Chuck Groenink
Mathematical Milestone: Doing Division, aka Math for Breakfast

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 30: #BannedBooksWeek, #HispanicHeritageMonth + #GrowthMindset

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Not included here are various posts about the Cybils Award judges as well as the descriptions for the various categories. Please visit the #Cybils blog to see these. Topics this week include #DiverseBooks, #GrowthMindset, #KidLitCon, #math, Boston Globe - Horn Book Awards, Gene Luen Yang, grades, growing bookworms, Hispanic Heritage Month, magic portals, Picture Book Month, and reading choice. 


AmericanBornChineseHow MacArthur ‘Genius’ Gene Luen Yang plans to use resources to expand #ReadingWithoutWalls + his other efforts  @WSJ

It's 2016 Boston Globe - @HornBook  #PictureBook Award Day  #kidlit

Book Lists

25 Titles to Celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth#PictureBooks | a @literacious#BookList  #DiverseBooks

25 Title to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month – Middle Grade & #YA | @literacious #BookList  #DiverseBooks #kidlit

Children's + Young Adult Fiction Featuring a Child w/ an Incarcerated Parent  #BookList from @MitaliPerkins #kidlit

Books for Kids to help with navigating Death and Grief  | #BookList from @growingbbb #kidlit #PictureBooks

Children’s Books That Tackle Race and Ethnicity | #BookList from @mariarussonyt  #kidlit #WeNeedDiverseBooks

A Tuesday Ten from @TesseractViews | #kidlit featuring Magical Gateways / portals to other realms (wardrobe, etc.)

The Sibling Reality: When #PictureBooks Stop Being Nice + Start Getting Real — short #BookList from mom @fuseeight 

Diverse Books

Kids' Books Featuring #Diverse Characters Are More Likely to Be Banned  @PENamerican @ElectricLit @PWKidsBookshelf

Events + Programs

Picture-Book-Month-Calendar-2016-300x2322016 #PictureBookMonth Champions Announced! #kidlit authors, illustrators+ more  @PictureBkMonth @AuthorDianneDLC

The focus of #BannedBooksWeek 2016 is on celebrating #DiverseBooks  | @HornBook #kidlit #YA

How @aquafortis is Celebrating #BannedBooksWeek + list of frequently challenged books w/ #diverse content 

Growing Bookworms

Three simple words from a doctor that changed a child's life: "let him read" by @RobertHoge @nerdybookclub

Students reading books that are just ok will not inspire further reading + is a #reading crisis says @pernilleripp

Growth Mindset

MathematicalMidsetsTeacher shares How "Mathmatical Mindsets" by @joboaler showed her she's not "dumb" re #math @alicekeeler @FresnoBee

Thoughts from @katsok on the Beauty of Failure - learning + becoming more understanding of others  #GrowthMindset

A teacher changed Perspective on Grades b/c students who receive comments only show the most #growth  @hhschiaravalli 



Early Bird registration for #KidlitCon 2016 (Wichita, 10/14-15) closes 9/30. Don't miss this chance to talk #kidlit

#KidLit + #YA bloggers + fans, #KidLitCon 2016 is your chance to meet keynotes @AS_King + Clare Vanderpool in person 

New project: The Backlist! from @bkshelvesofdoom will cover older books + stories, at least 5 years old  #kidlit #YA

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Just for fun: Famous Illustrators’ Depictions of Knitting Ranked in Order of Competency — @fuseeight 

And for more fun, @Lauri14o is doing #PictureBook Personals | installment 2 features a certain monkey  #kidlit

In Praise of the E-Reader from new convert @sunlitpages  #reading


RaiseAnAdultStanford Dean Says Parents are Ruining Their kids By Overparenting  #DailyCrackle @RaiseAnAdult | give them chores

Schools and Libraries

Boys & Learning: Build, Design, Create & Experiment by @TrevorHCairney  | Many lessons fail to actively engage boys

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