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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: October 28: Halloween Books, Audiobooks + #MathematicalMindsets

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. I was actually on vacation in Hawaii for most of the week, so this post is a bit late and a little shorter than usual. But I did manage to save some links about #BookLists, #Math, #STEM, 90 Second Newbery, audiobooks, boys and reading, coding, Geisel Award, growing bookworms, Halloween, parenting, raising readers, reading levels, schools, and screentime (or lack thereof). Happy reading!


BunnyHordeInteresting question by @MissALibrarian on Guessing Geisel: Could The #PrincessInBlack win the Geisel?  @haleshannon 

2016 Teens’ Top Ten have been announced by @yalsa  @tashrow has the scoop | #YA #kidlit

Book Lists

#Halloween books for beginning readers: goofy, sweet, scary fun!  #BookList from @MaryAnnScheuer #EarlyReaders 

BeAFriendMore #PictureBooks to Spark Empathy in readers of all ages by @pernilleripp  #BookList #teaching

Starting to round up the 2016 Best Books Lists at @MrSchuReads@PublishersWkly  #kidlit #YA #PictureBooks

Events + Programs

News: 90-Second Newbery Film Festival open for submissions for 6th year  @90secondnewbery @etiberland #kidlit 

Growing Bookworms

TurtleInParadise How #Audiobooks Can Help Kids Who Struggle with #Reading @LindaFlanagan2 @MindShiftKQED   | Quotes @MaryAnnScheuer

RT @ReadingTub: Bet you'll be nodding @JensBookPage - 8 Brutal Truths of Raising a Book-Loving Kid | @IvaMarie @ReadBrightly 

“Just Right” Books: So Much More Than a Level by @mfuemm @nerdybookclub  | #ReadingLevels limit readers by boxing in

Three Ways to Increase Student Engagement in #Reading @ReadByExample  #ReadAloud #Speedbooking #BookRaffle

In Which We Ask the Right Question (What are you #reading?) vs Are you finished? by Christy Peterson @nerdybookclub

FantasticMrFoxLongtime children's bookseller offers new @storytimepost  service, sending 2 hand-picked books for kids each month 

The truth about boys + books: they read less – and skip pages @DanielBoffey @guardian  via @tashrow #literacy 

Schools and Libraries

RT @RansomTech: Should "rigorous" even be associated with K? "Kindergarten is becoming the new first grade"

Screentime / Parenting

Banning Tablets Is Best for Children | @mims @WSJ found less tablet time made his kids less cantankerous  #play

#Parenting | Teaching Tech Limits to kids by modeling healthy screen habits by @HeatherShumaker 


MathematicalMindsetsRT @JoBoaler: How to create a Mathematical Mindset classroom! Ideas for opening tasks and asking rich questions, now on youcubed

RT @MIND_Research: Study: #MiddleSchool Is Key to Girls' Coding Interest  @USNews #STEM

Turns Out, Counting on Your Fingers is associated w/ being smarter by @mcjomcg  @WSJ  #math #STEM #learning

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