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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: December 23: #GrowthMindset, Holiday Advice + Young Advanced Readers

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #GrowthMindset, #ReadAloud, #STEM, bibliotherapy, book awards, book series, Escape Adulthood, free range kids, gift guides, growing bookworms, holidays, parenting, and play. Wishing all who celebrate it a joyful Christmas weekend!

Book Lists + Awards

Rescuers62 Essential (and less common) #ReadAloud Books for Families from @momandkiddo   #kidlit #BookList

Timely #BookList from @TrevorHCairney  | 26 Children's Books About the #ChristmasStory  #PictureBooks

Ten Fiercely Fabulous Female Heroines, a #BookList by middle school librarian Megan Fink @nerdybookclub  #YA

Tween-Friendly Romance Titles | The Upper Deck | #BookList from Tara Kron @sljournal  #kidlit

BlizzardSome of our favorites here: 10 Great Wintry #PictureBooks#BookList from @tashrow  | I would also add Blizzard

Not Entirely Human: A Top Ten List of Gay characters in #YA #ScienceFiction + fantasy by Rob Bittner @nerdybookclub

Here's a nice recap of "Best of 2016" #kidlit lists from Classroom Bookshelf @sljournal  @HornBook @KirkusReviews etc

Ten Books To Introduce Kids (of any age! Adults, too!) to #Shakespeare by @lostinthree @nerdybookclub  #kidlit

Events and Programs

2017-celebrate-everything-calendar_a83ce7dc-2b3f-4d03-a075-0b4b31e5b0f4This is very fun, w/ quirky holidays every day: Celebrate Everything 2017 Wall Calendar  | I received from @kimandjason 

Gift Guides and Holiday Advice

Ideal Gift Books for the #STEM Lover in All of Us from @RandomlyReading  | #NationalGeographic #Lego + more

How to Give Books that Will Be Loved @5M4B  #GiftGuides | Keep it fun, make it beautiful, + more

Let’s Shine Together | @kimandjason suggests ways to shine some light into the world this holiday season

10 Reasons #Books Make Great #HolidayGifts, from Wendie Old  | Easier to wrap than a hockey stick

Maybe useful for some as holiday gatherings approach: 5 Ways to Cope with a Difficult Person from @raisinghappines 

Growing Bookworms

NancyDrewHow #educators + #parents can harness the Power of a Series to hook kids on #reading Katie Muhtaris @nerdybookclub

Books for Young Advanced Readers - Resources, rules of thumb, + #BookList from @thisreadingmama   #RaisingReaders 

Many American Adults Don't Read, But That Doesn't Mean their Kids Can't Learn  #LoveOfBooks @KenzaMoller @romper 

Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck Explains The ‘False’ #GrowthMindset That Worries Her | @MindShiftKQED  via @drdouggreen

MindsetDeveloping a #GrowthMindset within a Culture of Compliance – fighting habit of praise @ReadByExample  #AlfieKohn

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

I share @medinger 's skepticism about @kinderguides | Monica links here  to @nytimes piece by @xanalter

This makes sense. @DisneyHyperion Announces New Riordan @camphalfblood Imprint devoted to mythology-based #kidlit

Apparently there are "book doctors" who dress in doctor's coats and offer #bibliotherapy Rx  Sarah Sloat @WSJ


FreeRangeKidsStudy finds what people think is judging risk to kids is really making moral judgements of parents @washingtonpost

What Skill Will Help Your Child Succeed at Anything? Working hard, says @lessonsfromyest and I agree 

New Ideas on Teaching Kids #AttitudeOfGratitude during the holidays from Bethany Todd + @LauraBarrEd


"Brave" | kids making their own risk-assessments should be part of childhood | @TheTeacherTom  via @sxwiley #play

#Recess Responses: Challenging 5 Common Excuses for the Removal of Playtime @NotJustCute  via @sxwiley #play

Schools and Libraries

13ReasonsBrave but vital | Teaching Tough Topics – An Exploration into Suicide Prevention for middle schoolers  @pernilleripp 

Nice essay @WSJ on why college students should seek out opportunities to engage with people of different viewpoints

4 Non-Negotiables for #Schools from @gcouros  | I especially like "They stoke curiosity, not extinguish it"

We do not need many $ worth of new tech for #GlobalCollaboration, we can start w/ @twitter says @pernilleripp

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