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Not Quite Milestones: Little Steps along the Path to Literacy

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: February 3: Scholastic Reading Report, Audiobooks + #Kidlit Trends

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, audiobooks, book fair, books for toddlers, equity in education, free speech, gender bias, growing bookworms, joy of learning, libraries, media, parenting, reading, reading aloud, reading choice, and recess.

Book Lists

JamberryWe have (or had) most of these: 23 Classic Toddler Books, #BookList from @growingbbb http://ow.ly/D3QK308v5GQ  #kidlit

This is a nice #BookList from @TrevorHCairney | 240 Great Children's Books for All Ages (by age range) http://ow.ly/WLv2308xzHW  #kidlit

Diversity + Gender

How teachers can minimize the gender bias (more passive girls) that still exists in the classroom @WordLib @edutopia https://t.co/EBPgoJDgDo

4 Ways to Add #Diversity to Your #HomeLibrary | @growingbbb @Scholastic   #DiverseBooks #reading http://ow.ly/Rwdx308xEms 

Events + Programs

RadiantbookThe 25th African American Children’s Book Fair is this Saturday 2/4 in PA | @brownbookshelf  #DiverseBooks #kidlit https://t.co/Md6sgn7ZSq

Growing Bookworms

3 Ways To Grow Independent Readers in the classroom + why love of reading is important http://ow.ly/HyLT308v9tc  @ReadByExample @TeachThought

.@Scholastic Releases New National Research on Kids + Family Reading @infodocket  http://ow.ly/DXYA308xFQT | #ReadingAloud has increased!

Download the @Scholastic Kids + Family #Reading Report #KFRR plus infographics here: http://ow.ly/CILP308xGxw  New focus on #Diversity

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing


Making Sick Days Better with @audible_com by @everead  http://ow.ly/z9Gb308uUVq  | I love #audiobooks too!

This post by Jason @escapeadulthood on his son's birthday choices made me remember a really great day (spent reading) in my own life https://t.co/8Djvy9pKp4

Truth here: 12 Things All Bookworms Have Said at One Point or Another @ImaginationSoup @ReadBrightly  http://ow.ly/wWvm308AlvO  #reading

This may be useful to you: How to Create a Twitter List of Reliable Media Sources @ReadByExample https://t.co/ECAmnZbDXu

Roundup of Various Trends and Themes in Middle Grade Speculative Fiction 2016 from @semicolonblog  http://ow.ly/Xf84308zKyw  #kidlit

IfYouEverCircus-385x500Steam Trains and Fire Poles: Outdated Tropes in #PictureBooks@fuseeight  http://ow.ly/iF06308zJQU 


Latino Dads Improve #Parenting Skills via classes on #ReadingAloud To Their Kids @NPRHealth @scotthensley https://t.co/NqG58JYZcA

Important: How and Why you should keep your children "Passionately Curious" from @NotJustCute https://t.co/KwBJpS4mwP

Schools and Libraries

Author + reading advocate Andy McNab says joyless education is damaging poor UK children's literacy @GuardianBooks https://t.co/yWC9mQEBjg

This I like: How State Lawmakers Can Restore Freedom (of Speech) on Public College Campuses @WSJ https://t.co/CXNwgTr0nF

Not All Fun And Games: New Guidelines Urge #Schools To Rethink #Recess @sososophia16 @npr_ed  http://ow.ly/ourO308zMva  @SHAPE_America

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