The Most Frightening Story Ever Told: Philip Kerr
Literacy Milestone: Making Inferences

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 31: Family #Reading, Book Nerds, and #OutdoorLearning

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics in this relatively brief edition include #BookLists, #ReadingAloud, #STEM, college, early childhood education, learning to read, love of books, parenting, play, raising readers, reading, reading choice, and teaching.

Book Lists

RosieProjectBook5 Fantastic Books for Young Scientists, | Must have Project Book for my daughter

Best Books to Inspire Your Sports-Obsessed Kids to Read, a

Favorite for Girls Ages 6 and Up, from | Good ideas here for my near 7 y.o.

Events + Programs

Engaging Dads in Early Childhood Ed Programs: getting past obstacles + into the


Drawing, & Seeing the World Differently by

Growing Bookworms

BlackbirdPondA reminder from life-long avid reader that adults should let kids read for enjoyment

The Challenge of Teaching College Kids Who Hate (after being turned off in HS)

What happens when you teach children to make inferences while reading?

The Joy of as a family - video chat from + w/ book recommendations

What Kids Learn About Books from Watching Your Example | Modeling the joy of Edward Viljoen

Despite a couple of tech changes, “Unlucky Arithmetic: Thirteen Ways to Raise a Nonreader” still relevant


Updated: The Complete Listing of All Public Children’s Literature Statues in the United States

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

HarryPotterIllustratedLove this! Confessions of a Book Nerd via |"I use WAY too many Harry Potter references"

9 Ways to Spread Through Books + from | Leave a book for someone, + more

Stories can change our brains + sharing stories w/ kids builds bonds - Hilary Hawkes

Play + Movement

OutdoorClassroomDayBelieve in the power of + ? Sign up for May 18 via

An Unexpected Consequence for Kids Who Sit Too Much: Lack of body + spatial awareness

Schools and Libraries

MathematicalMindsetsThe Way We Teach (w/ emphasis on speed vs. thinking) Is Holding Women Back says

Yes! says job is not to shape the opinions of , but to offer them a chance to create opinions

Good stuff here: On the Need for Getting Rid of and how manages her classes without it

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