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Vampirina at the Beach: Anne Marie Pace and LeUyen Pham

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: April 14: Book Deserts, Judy Blume, Harry Potter, and #STEM

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics inclue #BookLists, #DiverseBooks, #Makerspace, #Math, #PictureBooks, #STEM, children's literacy, creativity, Harry Potter, Judy Blume, Kidlitosphere, poetry, raising readers, schools, science fiction, summer reading, and teaching. 

Awards and Book Lists

SuperfudgeJudy Blume to receive lifetime achievement award from American Academy of Arts + Letters

Passover , a   


The Power of Representation: finding yourself in by

Growing Bookworms

Yes! Reasons not to assign required titles + what to do instead to encourage

A highlight from Pernille Ripp's post: "Why not create reading experiences that actually entices further reading, rather than further dictation of what kids are expected to read?  Perhaps now would be a good time to examine our summer reading practices before the damage is potentially done."

The best way to improve kids' reading test scores? Provide access to books, encourage free choice...

A bit more from the Donalyn Miller's post: "Even in middle-income communities, we create book deserts for too many children through misguided efforts that level, limit, control, and define when and where and what children will read. We test and test kids while providing few opportunities to improve their reading skills in the only way that works—lots of successful, engaging reading experiences. This man-made desertification ensures that fewer children will read well or become engaged readers each year." (There's lots more: do go and read the whole post!

OwlAndPussycatBedtime : The One Thing Your Child Will Remember Forever by

My recent post on Drawing inferences: Why it's a key skill is up as a guest article 's blog

Donating Character-Developing, Idea-Generating, World-Building Books: The Beginning by


Extra-good week for round-up of middle grade fantasy + science fiction from around the blogs  

The 2017 Progressive Poem -- Line #8 from

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

BabymouseLockerThis makes me feel so old: Babymouse is heading to ... MIDDLE SCHOOL!?!?!?!

Inspiring story of writer Bob Greene who tracked down + thanked the first grade teacher who taught him to read

New DNA Study Finds Genes May Significantly Impact Ability | Traci Pedersen via  

Schools and Libraries

Homework: Helpful, Harmful, or Otherwise? asks | Is it more important than , , family?

HarryPotterBook1I love this: 10 Teachable Moments From and the Sorcerer's Stone -  (Good for parents, too!)

How Kills And How To Fix It -


3 Games Kids Love | guest post  

Inspiring With A Simple Home , Plus Airplane Activities for Kids

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