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Good Morning, Grizzle Grump!: Aaron Blecha

Book: Good Morning, Grizzle Grump!
Author: Aaron Blecha
Pages: 32
Age Range: 4-8

GoodMorningGrumpGood Morning, Grizzle Grump! is the sequel to Good Night, Grizzle Grump!, both by Aaron Blecha. In the first book, brown bear Grizzle Grump is ready to hibernate, but has trouble because the other animals keep making too much noise. In this installment, Grizzle Grump has woken up from his long nap and is hungry. He sets out with his friend Squirrel to look for food. But every time he finds and gathers food (berries, fish, etc.), other bears sneak off with it while Grizzle Grump's back is turned. He gets hungrier and hungrier and grumpier and grumpier, right up until he discovers a surprise bear picnic. Then he eats so much that he's ready to go to sleep again. 

 This is a fun book to read aloud, with lots of sound effects and silliness. Here's a snippet.

All ready to EAT!

Now, where
did Squirrel go?"

There's a "HEE HEE HEE" from Squirrel, hiding in a picnic basket. While Grizzle Grump is distracted by Squirrel, we glimpse three sets of paws reaching out for Grizzle Grump's huge pile of berries. On the next page:

Come back
here with my

With a gurgling!
And a gargling!

Grizzle Grump and his empty
tummy stomp off in search of
another springtime snack."

This dynamic is repeated with only minor variations in text as Grizzle Grump finds fish and bugs. The repetition will likely be pleasing for preschool-age listeners, though adults may tire of it on repeat readings. 

Blecha's colorful illustrations are cheerful and dynamic. Grizzle Grump's dismay as his food is stolen is palpable in his expression as well as his physical response (jumping up and shaking). There are hints to look for that more astute readers will notice, such a a wink exchanged between Squirrel and the thieves. I thought that the other round-eyed bears looked rather, well, not so bright, shall we say? But they are certainly having a good time, and young readers will, too. Fans of Good Night, Grizzle Grump! will not want to miss Grizzle Grump's further adventures. 

Publisher: HarperCollins (@HarperChildrens)
Publication Date: April 18, 2017
Source of Book: Review copy from the publisher

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