Enzo and the Fourth of July Races: Garth Stein and R.W. Alley
Literacy Milestone: Having Her Own Genre Preferences

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: May 19: Locus Award Finalists, #Audiobooks, Family Reading + Silent Reading

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. The roundup is relatively short this week because I had some travel, and wasn't able to spend much time with Twitter. Topics I did share include: #audiobooks, #BookADay, #PoetLaureate, #SummerReading, bedtime reading, book awards, reading aloud, reading parties, and science fiction.

Book Lists + Awards

DoubleDown2017 Locus Award Finalists in shared by https://t.co/zY89eSKTtP 

Congratulations! Margarita Engle named Young People's via

Best for Family Road Trips, a from

Week: Some of the Funniest Children’s Books of 2017 by Women —

Events + Programs

Read on the Fly program connects kids, books at Alaska airports  

Growing Bookworms

CharlottesWebThe Family Who Reads (Aloud) Together, Cries Together — Cynthia Platt

I’m Nearing the End of w/ My Daughter + It’s Breaking My Heart  

The Case for To Older Kids via

Why the Music of with expression Matters for Kids | https://t.co/ejkIhPa66S

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

PenderwicksThere Is A Difference Between Middle Grade and Young Adult Lit + It Does Matter  

What is the Best Way to Listen to ? suggests some sources

A fine idea: Silent Parties--How Great Does This Sound?  

Sharing Plans for Summer ! by


How Parents Can Help Kids Develop A Sense Of Purpose

To Raise Better Kids, Say No | keep them from being spoiled + nurture creative thinking |   https://t.co/deflSxzXNy

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