And Then There Were Four: Nancy Werlin
Literacy Milestone: NEEDING the Next Book

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 9: Children's Choice Awards, #SummerReading Tips + #OutdoorPlay

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Book Lists + Awards

Triangle(Seriously) Fun for Kids, + short reviews from

Chapter Books for Kids that Transcend "Issues", a

2017 Children’s & Teen Choice Book Awards announced for through |

Growing Bookworms + #SummerReading Tips

BirthdayForBear Challenge: Turning into — examples + suggestions from 

If has a billboard he would encourage to kids early + often. What would yours say?

Encouraging w/ Authentic Experiences | Providing books, using online tools, modeling |

Fun Round Up of Resources from + more

I certainly agree with this article | Conversations – Not Apps — Grow Children’s Language

Confessions of (+ request for suggestions from) a (Failed) Battle of the Books Coach — Julie Hakim Azzam


It's time again for the Call For Roundup Hosts from  

ShadowCipherSome tidbits you might have missed in this week's Fusenews: May Contain Comic Seriousness —

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Updated stats on kids' , inc. print vs. digital, at via  

Dabbling in Diverse Formats: How I Use and by

Erica suggests you Build Kids' Vocabulary w/ a Summer Word Jar (Plus Tips and Ideas)

Parenting + Play

GiftOfFailureOlder piece but a good reminder: Why Free Is the Best Summer School

This Is Why Open Ended Crafting Helps Kids Thrive - and Tips for Getting Started from 

Empowering Girls to Respond to Social Aggressive by Bethany Todd +

So… at Child Care Centers Is Optional? Huh? | This is frustrating

Schools and Libraries

RaisingKidsWhoReadAdaptive practice, personalized learning + what will "obviously" work in sometimes doesn't  

Studies that Honor Preschool “Rigor” Are NOT to Be Trusted | rebuts piece via

This is cool. 's library is launching In Your Neighborhood program taking books to kids

Thoughts from on Stocking a 7th Grade Classroom , providing for range of interest/reading levels


Good stuff! Using Creativity to Boost Young Children’s Thinking in school + home 

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