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Literacy Milestone: Reading to Recharge


My daughter recently went on a family camping trip with my husband and a number of our friends (I stayed home to read - no surprise to anyone). My daughter was very excited about the trip and she had a great time. But I was not surprised to hear from two of my friends that my daughter had gone missing one afternoon and been discovered in her tent, by herself, reading.

My daughter is like my extroverted husband in a lot of ways. But this incident (together with others, since she was quite young) tells me that there's some of her introverted mother in there, too. I was pleased that she could self-diagnose the need for some quiet recharging time, and that she turned to a book.

BabysittersClub2She came back from the trip, which also included two four-hour car rides, and announced that she had finished four of the books that I sent and started a fifth. My inner child, the one who read for the entire car ride from Boston to Disney World at age 10, nodded in recognition. My adult self started thinking about which books to set aside for the plane trip she has coming up later this summer.

Readers read because they love it, of course. But many of the readers I know, the ones who really NEED to read, sometimes read to escape from a busy world and recharge their energy levels. The fact that my daughter slipped away from her friends during a trip for some quiet reading time tells me that she has joined our ranks. Many of you who are reading this post will understand and appreciate this particular milestone.

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