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Literacy Milestone: Understanding Someone Else's Need to Read

LiteracyMilestoneAMy daughter had the day off from school a couple of weeks ago for Veteran's Day. She attended a birthday party, and I spent some of the time that she was there sitting outside reading my current book on my Kindle. I was reading The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen, and getting near to the suspenseful ending. When we got home, I was able to sneak in a few more minutes of reading, but then my daughter wanted me to play with her. 

I said: "Look, I have 15 minutes left of this book, and I NEED to finish. How about if I do that, and then we play?"

ThingsWeWishAnd because she is now a reader, someone who shushes me in the car when she's immersed in her book, and has to stay up late sometimes to finish a book herself, she understood and agreed. [Which is not to say that she didn't interrupt me several more times, thus stretching out the 15 minutes, but she did get where I was coming from.]

This, my reading friends, is a reason to encourage your kids to love books. Because they will understand when you just need a few minutes to finish. Of course you will have to grant them the same courtesy from time to time.

Don't you hate it when someone interrupts you when you have just a few pages left? I know I do! 

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