The Ambrose Deception: Emily Ecton
Your One & Only: Adrianne Finlay

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: January 26: Teaching #Math via Stories, #Mystery + #GraphicNovel Awards, #28DaysLater

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Top Tweet of the Week

TuesdayUsing Stories to Teach | |

Book Lists + Awards

New trend identified by | “It’s a Book About Nothing”

RA RA Read: Stories without words

PrincessInBlack36 Titles with Strong Female Characters from to | from

Beyond : 30 Fantasy Adventure Series Starring Mighty Girls |

MWA Announces 2018 Nominations, including + categories

Press Release Fun: Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards Now Accepting Submissions —

Cybils Awards

2017 Reactions from authors + publishers, Part 2 | We love the enthusiasm!

CreepyUnderwearToday's featured REVIEW: Fiction finalist Creepy Pair of Underwear! by + | Review by |

Today's featured REVIEW: senior high finalist Alice Paul and the Fight for Women’s Rights | review by |

Today's featured REVIEW is middle grade fiction finalist The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by , reviewed by Greg Pattridge  | from

Events + Programs

RT @PragmaticMom: Ideas from Supporters on how to Celebrate Multicultural Children's Book Day 2018! via

These kids started a for minority boys. It’s the most popular club in school.

28dayslogo (1)They're here! The 2018 Honorees for

Growing Bookworms

5 Reasons To Start To Your Baby by Yasmin Cole | Bonding, pre-linguistic skills + more

Middle school kids get real-time data on | | Dashboard display gets more involved

How to Foster a Through | Do NOT level the classroom library + more |

Five ways to boost for pleasure in primary | Rachel Lopiccolo

My Preschooler Is Desperate to Learn to Read! What Can I Do? | Some ideas from Lindsay Barrett |

5 essentials in creating a rich reading environment and a community of enthusiastic (developing) readers | Challenge


MikeMulliganSome fun tidbits in Morning Notes: Mike Mulligan Dabbing Edition —

The Inexpensive Way to Keep Up With the Oscar Contenders — Read their equivalents, says


Want to Raise Kids Who Won't Give Up Easily? Teach Them the 'Batman Effect' | via

RT @CommonSenseMedia: Your child will gain the most from you as you role model enthusiasm for learning, and offer encouragement and support for their curiosity. (via

Schools and Libraries

Dealing with digital distraction - should devices be banned in college classrooms so students can focus?

Guidance On Which Program to Purchase | One that "supports choice, independent reading time... and (that) being a reader is something good" says


MotivatedRT @EdWeekTeacher: We clearly are not conveying the depth and richness of math in the way we tend to teach it, says.

Spark with -

Sigh. Students don't pursue because it's too hard, say 52% of Americans | | Why is this?

RT @MindShiftKQED: How do we integrate into every part of math class? The first big obstacle is embedded in American culture. It has become acceptable to brag about *not* being “a math person.” That has to stop.

Making Math a Family Thing | Strategies for + for closing the gap between home + | via

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