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Growing Bookworms Newsletter: February 7: Book Reviews, Links, and Reading #HarryPotter Book 5

JRBPlogo-smallToday, I will be sending out a new issue of the Growing Bookworms email newsletter. (If you would like to subscribe, you can find a sign-up form here.) The Growing Bookworms newsletter contains content from my blog focused on growing joyful learners, mainly bookworms, but also mathematicians and learners of all types. The newsletter is sent out every two to three weeks.

Newsletter Update:  In this issue I have three book reviews (middle grade to young adult) and three posts with links that I shared recently on Twitter. I do have a couple of ideas for posts about literacy milestones and some thoughts on reading programs. I hope to get to those soon. I'm still feeling the effects of illness, and my blogging has been sadly diminished. 

Reading Update:  In the last three weeks I finished five middle grade, three young adult, and five adult titles. I read/listened to: 

ShadowOfLionsI'm currently listening to Shadow of the Lions by Christopher Swann. I'm reading The Opposite of Here by Tara Altebrando (ARC). My daughter and I are still reading Harry Potter Five (The Order of the Phoenix). It's going to take us months, of course, because we generally only read during and immediately after breakfast. She's really enjoying it though, and I am enjoying our shared experience. This morning, on learning that Ron was named a Prefect for fifth year, she shrieked in surprise and delight. She's deeply invested in the series, and doesn't seem to mind at all Harry's grumpy attitude in this particular book. We do risk being late for school sometimes, because's it's hard to stop reading, but that's a price I'm willing to pay. 

LosersClubFor her own reading, she's a little bit at loose ends for another series to consume her, and she's been struggling to find books in the school library that she enjoys that are at her permitted AR level (this is a topic for a future post). So she's mostly re-reading picture books, the Lucy and Andy Neanderthal books, and the Babysitters Club Graphic Novels. She's also reading what I think is her first middle grade novel, The Losers Club. by Andrew Clements, but I think it's a tiny bit too difficult and I'm not sure if she'll finish right now. She has a vacation coming up and I have some new titles saved that she can try then. 

Thanks for reading, and for growing bookworms!

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