Growing Bookworms Newsletter: March 28: Calendar Mysteries, How to Get Kids to Read for Pleasure, Re-Reading, and Lots of Links
Off Topic: Seeking a Diversity of Ideological Viewpoints

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: March 30: #BookLists, #Diverse #KidLit Panels, Re-Reading + #SocialMedia

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BoardBooks, #BookLists, #Cybils, #DiverseBooks, #diversity, #KidLitWomen, #math, #RaisingReaders, #SchoolLibraries, #SocialMedia, #STEM, #writing, educational psychology, Global Read Aloud, reading, research, and schools.

Top Tweet of the Week

Why matter: What years of research tell us - | "The mere presence of a is associated with better student outcomes" + lots more

Book Lists + Awards

Announcing the Top 100 Poll! — (now joining top 100 + top 100 children's novels)

MaddisFridgeA Book List for Kids Age 4-12 to Understand from |

11 About Kids with Glasses, from

Top Ten Novels in Verse by

Congratulations to the American author , the laureate of Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2018 | via

2018 Indies Choice/E.B. White Read-Aloud Award Finalists Announced |


On the blog: Interview with , author of Elementary winner HATCHING CHICKS IN ROOM 6 |

Diversity + Gender

BillBoyWonderOn advocating for at conferences by | "Rather than start with public shaming or snark, instead ... express the concern civilly."

No More All-Male Panels: a pledge from author in solidarity with

Events + Programs

RT @PernilleRipp: Sign up for the Global Read Aloud - a global literacy initiative that connects millions of students around the world starting October 2nd

Growing Bookworms

Read Like The Bachelor: A Guide for Students to help increase + build a more independent reading life by

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

BlackCauldronSo true from | "that's one of the joys of re-reading- not only do you get the story again, but you get to revisit the self you were when you first read the book"

Writing independently..The devil is in the detail | Ideas from for helping become independent

Why I Read "Old Smelly Books" (and Where To Find Them) by


How to Navigate Your Way to the Best for Your Child | Guest post from

Schools and Libraries

RT @DTWillingham: I have a new article out in , focusing on teacher education and psychology; what are teachers taught of ed psych, what seems useful to them, and how to improve.

FutureDrivenWhy Do Some Burn Out While Others Seem to Grow More Passionate? Some things the ones who are growing do, per

RT @TES: .'s research paper found that the type of school students attended (non-selective, grammar or private school) doesn't influence their results. Here, she explains her study:

Educate and Programs Will Follow -

On the Circle of Privilege + how it affects kids from | | How can help not on the enriched pathway?

Social Media/Technology

On the Need for | Hyper-connectivity is draining kids, having their mistakes captured on video + shared is even worse says

RT @NickGillespie: .'s 3 rules on how to critically read social media is the sharpest guide I've yet seen on the topic! And it smartly avoids top-down solutions to a crowd-sourced problem

New study finds Having Your Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking (Even When It’s Silent and Facedown)


BecomingMathTeacherWhen Pushing Boundaries in , Where Can Teachers Turn For Help + Camaraderie? | Tips and strategies from

RT @MindShiftKQED: Offering students incentives to practice over the summer not only helped prevent , but also forced students be more precise with mathematical language

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