Growing Bookworms Newsletter: April 25: Series Reading, Summer Plans, and Nonfiction Titles
Literacy Milestone: Notebooks Everywhere

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: April 27: #ScreenFreeWeek, #NoMoreMeanGirls, #AccessToBooks, #Testing + #STEAM

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #AccessToBooks, #BarbaraBush, #BookLists, #crafting, #creativity, #Cybils, #IdeologicalDiversity, #parenting, #poetry, #ReadAloud, #ScreenFreeWeek, #STEAM, #STEM, #testing, book awards, education funding, kidlitosphere, libraries, and mean girls.

Quote of the Week

GiftOfFailure“The less we push our kids toward success, the more they will learn. The less we use external, or extrinsic, rewards on our children, the more they will engage in their for the sake and .” in The Gift of Failure

Top Tweet of the Week

Preserving the Early Excitement of once get to by Kamalisha Green

Book Lists

24 Must Have Books for Babies (0-6 Months) | from

South Asian 2018 – Part 2: | detailed w/ synopses + author bios from

HauntedLibraryLittle Detectives: Books for 6- to 8-Year-Olds | from

Great Books for | from + her7th graders + more

Cybils Awards

New blog post: with Suzanne Selfors, author of Early Chapter Book winner WEDGIE & GIZMO from


UncensoredZachary R. Wood: Why it's worth listening to people you disagree with | "We get stronger" via [Wood has a book coming out this summer that looks interesting.]

THIS is what I've been talking about re: need for : A Warning to My Fellow Liberals from | Just signed up for updates

When Visited Wellesley | People should make an “effort to learn about and respect difference, to be compassionate with one another, to cherish our own identity and to accept unconditionally the same in others.” |

ScreenFreeWeek2018Events, Programs + Research

Next week is | suggests 50 screen-free activities for celebrating: blocks, books, bikes, games, kites + lots more

Putting the FUN in ! at the Bay Area Book Festival, April 28th | is moderating discussion w/ LeUyen Pham, Megan McDonald, +

New Research Center for the Study of is Open at Columbia: "recognizing that visionaries such as Albert Einstein experienced failure can... help students perform better in school"

Growing Bookworms

ReadingInTheWild" increases children’s future prospects + has a significant influence on the level of they will attain, their productivity, their health + their quality of life"

How I Read as a Leader – 5 excellent suggestions from elementary principal for being an intentional + inspiring others


The 2018 Progressive Poem is well in hand. Here's 's contribution had the original idea.

Lots of interesting tidbits (including suggestions from ) in Morning Notes: The Vanisher Edition —

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

WarriorsThis made me smile: How I became trapped in a fictitious universe, in which shares his recent experience with the books

Us, Too. muses on what to do when "the perfect book for a child" was written by someone who has "behaved appallingly" in some way

Research study: Our brains rapidly and automatically process opinions we agree with as if they are facts –


The Best Kid Made Modern Projects ( Has No Limit) - via

NoMoreMeanGirlsHelping Young Girls Find Their Voice While Developing |

Understanding the Difference Between a 'Late' Reader and a Child with a Learning Issue | Laura Lambert

Schools and Libraries

RT @HeinemannPub: "If you read aloud regularly to your students, you know: there is no time in the day quite like read aloud time. A good read aloud can bring a group together like nothing else." by

How States Stack Up on Federal Funding for Teachers, Low-Income Students -

Fighting Cuts: How To Keep in | via

IGenOP-ED: Why our youngest generation needs your compassion by via | a reflects on by

Does a lack of executive function explain why some kids fall way behind in school? - on recent research study |

Here’s What Happens When Every Gets a Personalized Learning Plan | "All students can learn; however, not all students learn in the same way or at the same pace"


A Passion for in Retirement - helps girls w/ Amazing Girls Science by

Testing / Assessment

State Tests Do Not Assess Student , says | And as more families , results mean even less |

"We’re so focused on that we’re neglecting to expose pupils to ideas and experiences beyond the classroom" via @storimagic

Trump Education Official Jason Botel to States: Don't Forget About , indicators Under -

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