Growing Bookworms Newsletter: June 27: #Babymouse, #SummerReading, and Waiting for New Series Installments
Literacy Milestone: Making Inferences between #ReadAloud Sessions

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: June 29: #HarryPotter, #FlexibleClassrooms, #ScreenTime, #Play + #Vacation

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week (and a few from last week, because I was on vacation) include #AP, #BookLists, #FlexibleClassrooms, #GraphicNovels, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #HarryPotter, #Introversion, #LearningStyles, #PictureBooks, #play, #ReadingChoice, #ScreenTime, #SummerReading, #testing, Carol Dweck, Pernille Ripp, teaching, unschooling, and vacation.

Top Tweet of the Week

: Research Is Scarce, But Promising | "Classroom flexibility... appears to be roughly as important as air quality, light, or temperature in boosting academic outcomes." [Flexible classrooms are apparently of high interest. This was one of my most popular tweets of all time.]

Book Lists

Sun2018 Roundup from |

Newbery/Caldecott 2019: The Summer Prediction Edition —

Events, Programs, and Research

Some new data on - Summary from w/ link to longer article

The Benefits of Cultivating in Kids | | “At high levels [of curiosity], the associated with poverty was essentially closed

Study finds bipartisan concern over censorship|

Growing Bookworms / #SummerReading

Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Child Over Summer by + | + more

Fun… for All! Suggestions for including + into summer family time by + | + more

PassionateReadersOh yes! On Real Reading and the Kids We Teach – urges + not to disparage kids' as too easy or "not real books"

I so agree w/ on Why We Need to Embrace Book Abandonment – "We know there is a lot of emotion tied up with being a , but we should not have guilt be one of them"

6 Clever Ways to Encourage You Haven’t Thought Of | | , book-themed TV, games, etc.

8 playful ways to keep your child's skills sharp this summer | | via

In Praise of Dog Man and Other for Children | | Celebrating "the moment... when for reading’s sake becomes a thing" -


LittleHouseALSC Changes Wilder Award to Children’s Literature Legacy Award |

Growth Mindset

interventions yield impressive results, |

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

RT @RandomlyReading: B&N to Create Kids' Graphic Novel Sections in All Its Stores via

What a Father Learns by w/ His Special-Needs Son - via

HarryPotter5SelznickOn 20th U.S. anniversary of , 20 facts about the wizard

In Praise of the Ideal Summer Reading "As Long As They’re Reading vs. Guided Reading By Experts. Two halves of the same coin"

It is never too late to become a reader, says , citing her husband's experience. Adult non-readers "need what every needs; choice, books, community, time, personalization, and understanding"

Parenting and Play

The Social, Emotional, and Academic Benefits of for Children in the Summer (+ how to encourage it) by | Look for choice, wonder + delight!

RaisingHappinessHow--and Why--to Go on a Real Vacation, and how to tackle re-entry |

Children Who Don't Go to : What Does It Look like to All Day? | Kids learn independence, experimentation, social skills + lots more from playing

On the pleasures of a "summer afternoon" spent drifting, relaxing, entertaining , + more. Good practice for a real | Patricia Hampl

The Case for the Do-Nothing Summer - |"Days unbroken by plan or purpose gave me the space to learn who I was"

Schools and Libraries

ImSadUsing With Older Students – A How-to Guide –

20 Ways to Be in Your by | , , , ,

Educators Turn to Programs for Top Students to Narrow the ‘Excellence Gap’ - | | Considering the needs of high-achieving too (esp. low-income, non-white kids)

Looking for Intelligent Life in - "Every habitual, unconscious idiocy of early childhood education can be infused with the lightness, playfulness + focus of true "

Good stuff: Four Steps to a Magnificent (which is the "foundation of literacy" in the ) by

ReadingInTheWildUnlimited Engagement: Helping Developing Teen Readers by Giving up the Struggle | "Be welcoming", "make it personal" | , quotes + many more

5 Lessons From The Failure Of The $575 Million Effective Initiative |

First space, then auto—now quietly tinkers with | via , ,

Screen Time

IGenWhen does become harmful for adolescents' ? Three experts break down the research

Parents’ Is Hurting Kids | are with kids but not engaged when texting, etc.

On a mission to reduce ? Headed on vacation? Check out The Best Games for Kids that Parents Will Like, Too! from

Lingering Fears from Outdated Recommendations Stunt Parent Buy-In | Need more distinction between time on entertainment vs. via |

Creating Paths to Participation for | | solutions, in presenting, down time + more


MathematicalMindsets11 Enlightening for | |


Eight private in Washington area are dropping out of program | |

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