Growing Bookworms Newsletter: July 18: Two New #BookReviews and the Completion of Our #HarryPotter 5 #ReadAloud
A Bittersweet Literacy Milestone: Crying over a Book

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 20: #GrowthMindset, #Audiobooks, and #IndependentReading

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #AndrewLuck, #audiobooks, #BookClubs, #GrowingBookworms, #GrowthMindset, #JoyOfReading, #MarshmallowTest, #math, #reading, #ReadingChoice, #schools, #STEM, #SummerReading, #SummerSlide, independent reading, and self control.

Top Tweets of the Week

I'm delighted to report that after 13 months I finally finished reading and the Order of the Phoenix to my 8-year-old daughter. It was an excellent experience, from laughter to tears, and I loved sharing it with her. to kids! So worth it. [Not a link, but this was quite a much-liked tweet so I wanted to share it here.]

Well this is depressing: Leisure in the U.S. is at an all-time low, per recent study reported in via | I agree w/ that this reinforces need to give time to read in

Book Lists

ElDeafoMulticultural Books for Children: 60+ all in one place from |

Getting Ready for the First Day of Books for | a from |

Diverse Books

Cleveland Students Lead Initiative To Diversify Local Elementary |


Free Speech + Ideological Diversity

To Get Along Better, We Need Better Arguments - Our polarized keep us from learning from our opponents | Prof Walter Sinnott-Armstrong has suggestions (+ in his new book) #IdeologicalDiversity

This resonated | The mob is a danger to society - "We are slowly normalizing the policing of speech and opinion. Sometimes overtly, and sometimes through ... intimidation"

Growing Bookworms

RestartHow , parental support + an understanding helped 's son go from not to "Kinda A Reader" in 5th grade |

Cal running back who loves offers free football tickets to young readers via Challenge

"We hear again and again about the power of independent ... So why isn't everybody doing it?" Yes, You Can Find Time says , w/ tips on how

BookWhispererYes! The Problem With Our Early Obsession| We need to stop crowding out w/ fear-based focus on skills – | w/ quotes by +

Growth Mindset

Let’s Stop Telling Kids to ‘Find Their Passion’ – " the reality is this: most kids are too young to know their passions; it’s just plain unfair to make them" + it breeds + says

8 Habits that Block Productive Struggle in Students | "Praising students for their smarts" + more |

Kids Today Are Actually More Patient Than Kids 50 Years Ago - Susan Pinker reports on re-enactments of

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

MixedUpFilesToo Busy for a ? Join an Online Version - Did you know about 's online book club ? They're reading this month

New study suggests that pack a more powerful emotional punch than film –

Schools and Libraries

Revisiting Reagan's 'A Nation at Risk' Report 35 Years Later - Talking about US is misleading because "the United States does not actually have a national system"

What Actually Means—and 5 Ways for to Help Fight it | | + more

Screen Time

Frequent Technology Use Linked to Symptoms in Teens, Study Finds - + | This shows correlation not causation but seems worth further study. Also makes me wonder about increasing in


MathematicalMindsetsStanford research shows that students (esp. girls + ) do better on tests when elementary school teachers face down their own demons —

Why Do Women Shun STEM? It’s Complicated says Professor | Professors outside mischaracterize subjects as not creative + poach bright female students

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