A Bittersweet Literacy Milestone: Crying over a Book
Literacy Milestone: Building a Reading Nest

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 27: #DisruptTexts, Rereading, #LemonadeStands and #SchoolLibrary #Genrefication

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #Amazon, #BookAwards, #BookLists, #CharterSchools, #DisruptTexts, #DiverseBooks, #FlexibleSeating, #GirlScouts, #HearingLoss, #Mindfulness, #RequiredReading, #testing, bookstores, education policy, gender, libraries, reading, rereading, schools, and undiscovered readers.

Top Tweet of the Week

GreatGatsbyIs 'The Great Gatsby' really ? driven movement challenges to reconsider the classics + expand perspectives

Book Lists + Awards

2018 Winners Announced! —

Books to Help Everyone Feel Welcome!, new from

Your Kids Will Relate to these Early about | by featuring https://t.co/BRXuyXtpJw

No Romance Required: 30 Books About Girl – Boy Friendships | from

BodieTroll: A Heroic Troll, Ghostly Girl, and Slice-of-Life Manga | July 2018 Xpress Reviews via

Diversity + Gender

Girls-only shop classes are spreading, upending stereotypes but running Title IX risk

Events, Programs + Research

Does this Program for Disadvantaged Kids Bypass , , and Fun, While Tracking Students? shares her concerns (+ some better ideas), and I agree

First survey of its kind for 50 years finds 65% of Americans still think they have above average https://t.co/XiT2IVfcYk

RT @KMPPerry: “Often, children of low-income households and children of color don’t get the early experiences that get them ready for school.” As shares in the , is tackling kindergarten readiness by focusing on parental support. https://t.co/LOR6xqxWva

Morning Notes: Facepalm Edition — | Seconding Travis in congratulating Kathy, blogger from , on opening real-world

RT @DTWillingham: New data: "modest effect" of one-shot growth mindset intervention on beliefs about intelligence ($) https://t.co/AcKIahDIrS

Growing Bookworms

LionWitchExcellent advice from on encouraging kids to - "We naturally want more of the things we love... should be grateful students want to recreate the experiences they had when reading beloved books." https://t.co/3aOXhQ0ZcI

Why and How Is in Crisis in our by | "Everyone would agree that the goal is to help children become confident learners who can read and write and choose to do so"

What should we call "reluctant readers" that is less de-motivating: selective, developing, undiscovered? Whichever, is seeking Tips & Tricks to Motivate

For : How to Easily Do A by | Don't forget to transfer ownership of talks to early on |

How to to Differently Aged Children for Fantastic Family Time!, advice from , who reads aloud a lot

EnormousSmallnessWhy for Year 6?| talks about why + how should aspire to get kids to ENJOY + in detail how to use Picture Books to help, w/ for older kids https://t.co/aSAyJMjye4

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

How To Do a Beloved Classic Today: Some thoughts from on new Anne with an E, Season 2 (+ some other remakes)

Phone Addiction? Here’s One Way to Fix It - writes in about how she is much more thanks to leaving her phone in the kitchen at night h/t

Today Show, Jimmy Fallon, Reese Witherspoon Lead Online Revival | via | Seems like everyone has recommendations, which is nice to see.

Parenting + Leadership

MIndfulGames for Children - w/ tips for kids (+ their ) at different ages

Grown-Ups Fight for Children’s Right to Sell Lukewarm Lemonade -

This is very cool: How the Humble Is Becoming a Pipeline for Young - | trying to fight decline in

You’re Never Going to Be “Caught Up” at Work. Stop Feeling Guilty About It. | w/ tips for avoiding the negative effects of guilt + shame

Schools and Libraries

ElDeafoHow Are Trying To Overcome 'Language Deprivation' For Kids |

: What’s the Point? Elementary principal shares some questions and reflections after discussions on Twitter

On Rewards – "for longterm motivation and behavior, I have come to question more and more the place of tangible in the ", but remain open to nuanced approaches, says https://t.co/u7N8jXOPHQ

Moving Beyond a to an by – going beyond, say, learning to doing something w/ math https://t.co/zYMlBELA54

DragonHunterHow Makes More Like , making it easier for kids to find books + for to identify collection gaps | https://t.co/AnwOwT8Yt1

Here's one of many, many responses refusing the recent opinion piece suggesting that should replace local . Personally I thought that headline was a joke when I first saw it. nails it.

11 Things I Will Never, Ever Admit to My Local | | "I put multiple books on hold — (i.l.l. books) — and then forget to pick them up"

Politics / Education Policy

Trump Priority Gathers Steam as Senate Passes Career-Technical Bill - | Idea is to update existing federal grant program to also boost +

must grapple with rising costs of . This piece by in sums up what's happening around CA (inc. my daughter's district)

Opinion piece by | A Plea for a Fact-Based Debate About - Nice to see someone try to look at both sides in any debate these days


Nice! add 30 new badges in , and |

A Baltimore program uses the arts to combat the , sneaking in + learning and keeping it fun |


Seven things research reveals — and doesn’t — about Advanced Placement -

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