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Literacy Milestone: Building a Reading Nest

We have always had a window seat in our playroom. However, for years it was a repository for "Little People" stuff. We could never even open the shutters. We had been doing some cleaning in the playroom and I mentioned in passing that if we cleared that out, it could be a place to sit and read.

Well, my daughter ran with that idea. The next morning she wouldn't let me do anything until we had cleared out the window seat. Then she ran off and found some little used couch pillows and set them out for cushioning. She cleared out one of the drawers underneath the seat and filled it with some of her favorite books. And she's been spending time there, reading, ever since. [To me, putting books in a drawer didn't seem practical, since you can't see them very easily, but it was what she wanted and I did not object. I believe that part of the project is working for her.]

I ended up buying a better cushion for the seat, but kept the pillows around for comfort. Here is the result:


LiteracyMilestoneAThe reading nook was technically my idea, but she is the one who acted upon it and made it her own. I love that she's taking ownership of creating a cozy place to read. And of course I love that she's reading. The space would be a bit small for an adult, but it's perfect for her, with excellent light when the shutters are cracked open. We are indeed a fortunate family.

Thanks for reading, and for growing bookworms! Do your kids have dedicated reading spaces?  

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