Growing Bookworms Newsletter: August 8: Favorite Picture Books, Harry Potter 6, and the Reading Nest
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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 10: #ClassroomLibraries, #ComicBooks + #LoveOfWriting

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #anxiety, #AP, #BookLists, #ClassroomLibraries, #ComicBooks, #DiverseBooks, #Failure, #FlexibleSeating, #GraphicNovels, #HigherEd, #introversion, #Math, #parenting, #Schools, reading, storytelling, teaching, testing, and writing.

Top Tweet of the Week

A : If You Build It, They Will Read | " who are able to utilize a well-stocked, diverse classroom library spend 60% more time compared to those that don’t" - takes action!

Book Lists

WhatIsChasingDuck make kids want to read. Here's a from to help: Beyond Elephant and Piggie: Funny

Wonderful Wordless | new from | My family especially loves by + by

Four new + uncommon for beginners w/ mini-reviews from Elissa Gershowitz

KeeperOfLostCities10 Bingeable Series That Readers Love |

Events + Programs + Research

NYC Study Shows Coaches Had No Effect on Low-Income 2nd-Graders. I bet spending the $ on awesome + focusing on would have worked better

Study finds the most effective are the ones who turn to their colleagues for advice (while weaker teachers don’t bother)

The 'Brain' in : Does Teaching Students Neuroscience Help?

How Is Catching Up To Mr. Rogers | | social + emotional

Diversity + Gender

MaddisFridgeWhy inclusive need to think about and , by via

Sigh: Japan Medical School Accused of Rigging Exam Scores to Keep Out Women (b/c they might take time off for marriage or kids)

Do Kids A Disservice When Defining Books as “Boy” or “Girl” | | "Do we really want kids to ... Automatically assume because there’s a character of a different gender, the book isn’t for them?"

Growing Bookworms

All You Need to : "a good book, an engaged adult, and a receptive child" | excellent tips from for

Tips & Tricks for Great Books to Kids from | "It's not our right book" but "what the child needs at that particular moment in time" |

A Friendly Reminder (especially for ) from that Still Count as

I mean, if I told my child (as witnessed a parent doing) that didn't count for checkout, she would never go to the library with me again. And THAT would be sad.

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Sabrina Get New Respect, showing up in the prize longlist + elsewhere by Ellen Gamerman | Mostly about adult books, but notes rise in GN sales

One more benefit kids enjoying : When adolescents read (especially a variety of) books they realize "You’re not alone" |

'Elitist': angry pirates hit back after author campaign sinks website | | I say reading is theft. + should be paid for their efforts.

DaVinciCodeThe Way We Read Now. A new survey of America’s favorite shows that moves us far more than | Adam Kirsch

On getting kids started writing realistic by having them get to know their characters |

Want Young Students to Love ? Let Them With It. "reaching standards and finding joy, creativity, and a sense of identity through writing are not mutually exclusive"

This month's magazine has a couple of nice articles about the benefits of (brain health, reduced stress, etc) + tips for including more reading in your life (and modeling for your kids)


Good advice here: What to Do When Your Child Says, ‘But Everyone Can Read But Me’ |

Three ways to ease your child’s jitters -

Schools and Libraries (inc. Classroom Libraries)

Questions to Assess our Before from + more

PipsqueaksNew Resources for by | tend to prefer but many kids like |

: Five Ways to Stay on Top of the Latest and Greatest in Children's Literature | on new blog for | "most important: Listen to your students" |

Four Reasons to Tackle . shares his elementary school's experience

There’s Strength in Being Vulnerable suggests become "more aware of the areas in which you lack knowledge or experience with regard to excellent instruction"

One Approach Does Not Fit All when figuring out what's best for individual (e.g. taking notes by hand vs. typing)

How California is transforming bus drivers, clerks and yard supervisors into by giving them to earn

GiftOfFailureShould we be setting our kids up for in the safe space of instead of only success? "Failure not only builds our ; it makes success all the more joyful and fruitful" |

This seems like quite a resource for enhancement: 400 to Follow on Twitter: Crowd-Sourced List for Educators by Educators –


Changing teachers’ ideas about boosts student test scores | + team recruited 40 CA 5th grade for course, kids scored 8 pts higher than control group

Make Your Daughter Practice . She’ll Thank You Later. | Girls think they aren't good at because they are often better at , so they don't put in the time to practice + improve

Testing + College Admissions

More students are taking exams, but researchers don’t know if that helps them (especially black + Hispanic )

Huh. I never thought about discriminating against . This is very interesting...

@JonHaidt: The admissions scandal at Harvard (which gave Asians bad ratings on personality to reduce their numbers) reveals a related kind of discrimination in admissions: against introverts. Great essay by Jonathan Zimmerman:

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