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Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: August 24: #LeveledBooks, #Homework, #Introversion, and Impact of #ScreenTime

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include #BerenstainBears, #BookLists, #ClassroomLibraries, #HigherEd, #Introversion, #JoyOfReading, #math, #MentalHealth, #Nonfiction, #PictureBooks, #reading, #ScreenTime, #SocialMedia, #STEM, board books, charter schools, horror, parenting, schools, teachers, and teens. 

Top Tweets of the Week

CamJansenClassroom Leveled Libraries Should Be a Thing of the Past. Here are 5 reasons why. | I especially like: "Making their own choices empowers students" (w/ reference)

This is heartbreaking. Boy lost his b/c of being limited to strictly , w/ plea to to: "allow kids to choose books in an authentic manner + allow them to fall in love with books again"

Book Lists

10 Books to Help Get Your Kids Ready for or by

GoodnightMoonThe Top 100 Poll Countdown: #5 – 1! — | 5 books that deserve their classic status and should be on every baby's shelf

The Best Books to Tackle Common Growing Up Challenges (too much TV, etc.) by | My 8 y.o. still loves the BBs.

About Mighty Girls Who Love | from

DollBones for Kids Today: Post-Goosebumps Scare Fests — A current from

RA RA Read: and Easy titles, suggestions by author and title from Jennifer Wharton

Early for Kids with Characters | another featuring

Growing Bookworms

please read this post by on what to do after getting rid of | "Our job as teachers is not to police reading, it is to support the " | "actually makes them dislike reading"

This 4-Year-Old's Passionate Speech About Will Make You Want To Be A Book Nerd "I personally read every day, and absolutely love the adventure of reading"

Top 10 Reasons Should Read More Whole Books and Fewer Passages + Packets | | , + more |

AllAboutTheBooksThe Power of Listening to Stories Together by | Imagine how would travel through the if periodically the custodian, the librarian, ... or the school secretary sat down in class during

What resources would you suggest for professional book studies on ? has a partial list inc. + but seeks others


Critics warn that well-meaning reforms may be lowering the quality of |

How to Get the Most Out of College: "optimal ways to socialize, to prioritize, to pick up skills integral to any career and to open up exciting opportunities both en route to a degree and after"


HomeworkMythShould kids have ? The great debate. presents both sides , but me, I say a strong NO for kids


6 Strategies to Help Thrive at School and Feel Understood |

Why Many Love (and Shouldn't Stop, According to ) | , , lower stress levels and more


Happy Children Do Chores - "Children who help more at home feel a larger sense of obligation and connectedness to their parents + that connection helps them weather life’s stressful moments"

Screen Time and Reading/Learning

is Changing How Kids Read—Just Not in the Way That You Think | Lots of food for thought in this piece by on vs. print

IGenYes, teens are texting and using instead of books, researchers say | via | w/ tips for from

Why it matters that teens are fewer books + longform news articles, things that require critical thinking + reflection by

in the Can Hinder Long-Term Retention (+ exam performance), says recent study |


How Can Contribute To the Public Good? | Horizons is a public-private partnership trying to reduce the by giving low-income kids extra support

Poll: support for raising pay is up nationwide, but less so in CA. support + general funding support also up

Depressing but accurate: The California Squeeze threatens says |

Need . Their May Depend On It. | I've been using myself, and it does seem to help w/ + sleep

Be a hero and help those helping by buying them some urges Esther J. Cepeda |

Reclaiming a Sense of Joy | 8 simple, quick strategies for easing the stress of and remembering to take pleasure in the work

Why Do We Value Achievement Over ? A Wisconsin High School Senior Speaks Out

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