Skulduggery Pleasant (Book 1): Derek Landy
Literacy Milestone: Wanting NOT to Pass On Her Addiction to #GraphicNovels

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 14: #GrowthMindset, #KidLitCon Keynotes + Overprotective #Parenting

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this relatively light week include #GenderBias, #GiftOfFailure, #GrowthMindset, #KidLitCon, #nonfiction, #parenting, #PictureBooks, #play, #reading, #schools, #SocialMedia, #SpecialEducation, #teaching, #testing, and #writing. I was traveling this week so didn't do as deep a search for articles as I usually do. More next week. Happy reading!

Top Tweet of the Week

ElasticBrainSome that may help foster a in kids, encouraging them to overcome challenges, a from

Book Lists + Awards

Kids Will Request Over and Over |  

A Book for Every Kind of Kid | A from | for "the ultimate " + more

HeyKiddoThe 2018 National Book Award Longlist is out | has the list | Special congrats to , one of my daughter's + my all time favorite authors [Link to Hey, Kiddo!]

Diversity + Gender

An updated reminder from that Women Make too... | She highlights some of her favorites for consideration + asks for yours

Events, Programs + Research

Note-taking in the (during lectures + other work): A Research Roundup from | Useful resource for +

IGenTeen Use Is Skyrocketing (vs. 2012). But Don't Panic, New Research Says - [I wonder what Jean Twenge will have to say about these results?]

Related to previous: Most Teens Prefer to Chat Online, Rather Than in Person -

Are (like ) actually harmful? Perhaps not. Award-winning believe in nearly as many of them as trainees –

Growing Bookworms

Should students be required to for 20 minutes a day? And if not, what alternatives can we use to encourage kids to spend time at home? | Important stuff from |


RealFriendsExciting news! The KEYNOTES will be LeUyen Pham and !!! – will be in Providence, RI March 22-23

On Reading, Writing, Blogging, and Publishing

Why aren't kids being taught to read in a research-tested way? "We are not born wired to read" says

Mississippi district says these four strategies are helping their , as reflected in higher scores | extra instruction time every day for kids w/ disabilities, + more |

New Study Finds Learning Outcomes Are Better Print Than Reading Digitally | | Makes me wonder about the way that many libraries are getting rid of printed books...

MerciSuarezHow a Reads| on how she has learned to embrace her habits, including every day |


offers common sense advice to on making their level of effort sustainable over the year | e.g. don't be afraid to opt out + focus on kids to do things themselves (agency)

To raise independent kids, treat like a dress rehearsal for life. Don't intervene, focus on effort vs. outcomes + more | |

Why parents should try to be happy, even when their child isn’t - | "When we board our children’s emotional roller coasters, we make things more difficult for them" |

CoddlingAt interviews Coddling of the American Mind co-author on consequences of Overprotective | I am reading this book now and wish that everyone would. It is excellent! [Link to the book on Amazon]

Schools and Libraries

Ten Questions for to Chew On + that should ask to understand culture via | I like: "What’s the best thing my child is going to read this year?"

: Instead of asking kids "what did you do last summer", find ways to ask about small moments | Better for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds + for getting to know |

Has of Students with Disabilities in Regular Gone Too Far? Weighing its effects on SWDs, their peers, and - [See counterpoint from Laura A. Schifter and Thomas Hehir here and response by Allison Gilmour here]

How to Create Opportunities For Kids on the Bus |


Our Children Towards Mediocrity | is talking about Australia, but this happens everywhere. He does offer some suggestions for improvement to better help grow

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