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Literacy Milestone: The Joy of Regular Library Visits

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: September 7: Reading Conferences, #FreeRangeKids + Happy Kindergarteners

TwitterLinksHere are highlights from the links that I shared on Twitter this week @JensBookPage. Topics this week include: #BookLists, #Curation, #Curiosity, #Cybils, #Giftedness, #HigherEd, #iGen, #introversion, #JeanTwenge, #MentalHealth, #Motivation, #parenting, #play, #reading, #SocialMedia, #teaching, kindergarten, library storytimes, and reading conferences.

Top Tweet of the Week

BookWhispererThe Unexpected Power of Conferences | HS has single accountability measure for students’ choice reading: talking to them about it.

Book Lists + Awards

to Help Little Kids Deal With Big Emotions - from

15 Children's Books About Courage and Bravery, w/ plenty of from | [Link to The Book Whisperer]

The Early That Will Turn Your Kids into Voracious Readers | from | + more

Ten great titles for making the leap to from , w/ tips for to help kids

Cybils-Logo-2018-Round450pxA Heartfelt Goodbye (and Thank You!) shares some updates on this year's organizing team, including my own stepping down as evangelist + guru. Terry will ably take my place

Events + Programs

Text messages to can help boost children's skills, but the type of messages + frequency matter,

I love this program: Helps Love to Read by providing kid-friendly spaces in primarily black barbershops around the country |

This year's selection (10/25) is Maybe Something Beautiful from . suggests some related book activities:

Reasons I despise , by | e.g. "Why are we promoting something we’re against (banning books) instead of promoting something we are FOR (the freedom to read)?"


GameChangerHow can and encourage kids to WANT to read? recommends books by + + shares tips for creating an environment that celebrates +

If you start the year by telling kids about their rights as (, abandoning books, , etc.), it takes the pressure off + helps launch


Today's Aren't Who You Think They Are : Many are reports

Liberal-Arts Should Teach Grad Students How to Make a Living, instead of "cling(ing) to this lofty, elitist opinion that it’s sinful to discuss any remuneration"


SecretLivesOfIntroverts12 Signs That You Have an 'Introvert Hangover' (Yes, It's Real) by | I found several of these to be spot on (esp. 1, 2, and 9) | [Link to Secret Lives of Introverts book]

Parenting + Play

The Perils of the Child Perfectionist by Jennifer Breheny Wallace | " play a central role in a child’s development of perfectionism", which can in turn lead to more serious issues

Must-read: How to Our Way to a Better - + suggest in that kids' w/out adults is a solution to our current self-selection into (+ is good for )

FreeRangeKidsRaising In An Age Of Is Tough, but are trying | | [Link to Free Range Kids book]

: 5 Proven Benefits Of : summarizes new recommendations | , + more

Demand that Be a Happy Time and Place: A “Garden for Children!” via | "adults who try to say children should be accomplishing more at an earlier age are way off base"

Schools and Libraries

What I really want to know from my child’s on night. Hint: It has nothing to do with , by +

InnovatorsMindsetThe Importance of and in | " should become a place where curiosity is developed in individuals no matter what factors have led to its decline" [Link to Innovator's Mindset book]

3 Important Areas to Shift the Conversation in | I especially like "Weakness-Focused to Strengths-Based" |

How are failing working parents (days off, meetings during school day, no before school care, etc.) — though some are helping

Crack Down as More Cut Class -

You’re Unlikely To Find More Useful Articles To Help With Than These Two… says

PrimedToPerformHow to Motivate Frontline Employees by optimizing , , and while reducing pressure by + | | via , who suggests applying this to [Link to Primed to Perform book]

To Boost Higher-Order Thinking in , Try a | | Help them understand, analyze + evaluate information quality

Yes! This: Let’s Preserve the Complexity of Our Icons – "It is truly an injustice to our to assert that people can only be inspirational if they are essentially perfect."

Three essential tips for of children from via | Start by expecting the unexpected

Don't make vast decisions with half-vast | "If we can’t trust our data to tell us what’s going on in ..." responds to recent reporting on highly inaccurate statistics

The salary slide: pay is stagnating, new report from finds via | In no state are teachers paid more than other grads

"The status of hasn’t kept pace with its growing social significance" + the level of responsibility (like teaching character) we give UK's , says

3 Ways to Introduce into the | specialist shares tips for winning over + to this new via

AMONG THE ANKLE BITERS by . Or How I Learned about Helping Out with

Screens and Social Media

ReaderComeHomeMatt is thinking about Deeply in Spaces, responding in part to 's recent article about impact of | I shared some thoughts in the post comments [Link to Reader, Come Home book]

Interesting: Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use | via | Some among + are turned off by the negatives + scaling back.

I totally agree with that The Key to Peace on is the (called snooze on FB) | Of course I haven't muted YOU, my friends + family members. But you can't tell for sure, can you?

The World Isn’t as Bad as Your Wired Brain Tells You - explains some of the "workings of our + ". Then again, he also said not to share this article on

Is Toxic for Teenagers' ? - comes down on the side of yes, citing , + says that the doubters are ruling out fuller understanding | I agree


Cool! Introduces free after-school clubs for 3rd-5th grade + is expanding program for 6-12 graders |

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